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  1. If that's what you believe, go with it.
  2. Are you being sued for rent due after the new landlord bought the property? It sounds as if you had an agreement with the old landlord for rent abatement while the property was for sale if you allowed prospective buyers access. Then the property was sold. So it sounds as if there is no need to show the property to prospective buyers. Therefore, the rent abatement should have ended. Am I understanding the facts correctly?
  3. You need to explain a little more. Buying a property on land contract implies the purchasers are paying the owner rent with a portion of the rent applied to the purchase price. If the buyers make the entire series of payments the property is transferred. Until that point, the property remains titled to the owner. Is that what you are talking about? If so, your daughter can just stop contributing to the rent/purchase. Getting your property out may require showing up to get the property in the company of a police officer or deputy sheriff. The officer or deputy may cooperate if you indicate there will probably be a disturbance of the peace when you show up. Otherwise they will decline and say it is a civil matter and instruct you to file a court action for recovery of the property (called an action in detinue or replevin).
  4. Once again, and hopefully for the last time, the trooper's report is irrelevant to anything. It is not evidence in the traffic or any civil suit that may arise out of the accident. Therefore, the trooper has no reason to change anything in his or her report.
  5. Whether your works infringe on the trademarks depends on the content of your product, not be value of your time. If your time is spent producing a painting of the Yankees logo, you are infringing the trademark. But if you produce a portrait of a family with a small reproduction of the logo in the background, it might be considered fair use. Any time you produce a copy of a trademark and worry about whether it infringes, it probably does.
  6. It is not clear you have actually been charged with an offense. Have you? Btw, if you need to have witnesses appear, you need to have subpoenas issued ordering them to appear. Surprisingly, witnesses will usually decide in favor of a day at work versus a day sitting in a courtroom. If you subpoena a witness and they don't appear you would usually get a continuance, otherwise, no. On the other hand, the police officer will usually not be a witness against you in an accident case because almost all of his or her evidence will be hearsay - if you object.
  7. You do not have to agree. But, a court can order you to submit to the DNA test. That your husband's name is on the birth certificate is irrelevant.
  8. Try looking at : https://www1.nyc.gov/site/rentguidelinesboard/resources/succession-rights.page#targetText=Nor can someone succeed a,the rent with personal checks.&targetText=In general%2C for rent controlled,or permanently leaves the apartment.
  9. The procedure outline in response to the poster is incorrect in two aspects: First, it is not necessary, or even appropriate, to submit evidence with the complaint Second, and most important, the plaintiff must also submit a statement by a qualified expert in the field of health care that, in his or her opinion, the health care practitioner failed to provide the relevant standard of care in the case. Hiring an expert witness to provide such a statement will usually cost thousands of dollars. Please see Arizona Revised Statutes section 12-2602
  10. When a health care provider fails to provide the minimum standard of care in the community and causes injury to the patient.
  11. It appears to be a class three felony and the statute of limitations is six years.
  12. You can't get a better source than that. I BELIEVE!
  13. Could you give us some indication how you learned about this, please?
  14. What is a "conveyance charge"?
  15. If your friend is not non-compliant there should be no problem. If he doesn't have a phone, send him the money to get a pre-paid cell phone.
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