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  1. Hello!! You have answered my question about the extradition process to a certain point but I would like to know alittle more if you would answer my questions. My friend that has the warrant in VA that now lives in PA has finally had a hearing on Aug.24th to see if he waives his extradition or not pretty much which he did waive it. Now I would like to know if PA was supposed to contact VA when they took him in for the VA warrant only no trouble or new charges here & Thats when the 30 days was to start or is it supposed to start after they get him into court which was the 24th of Aug.? Also when they receive the governors warrant from VA does that mean VA is coming for him or do they have to state that separately? I hope I am clear on what I am asking this time because as of my last question you answered you stated you wanted me to be more clear...I apologize but I never dealt with an extradition before but I am concerned about what Cambria County is doing with my friend which has never been in any kind of trouble but this misdemeanor in VA that was a slight misunderstanding.

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