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  1. RetiredinVA

    What my Rights as an accused shop lifter

    Duplicate post
  2. RetiredinVA

    What my Rights as an accused shop lifter

    It really doesn't matter what specific item you are accused of stealing. You did not identify the state where this occurred, but generally shoplifting charges are based on the value and have a breakpoint between misdemeanor and felony of $500 to $1,000. Any item of a value between $0 and the breakpoint remains a misdemeanor.
  3. RetiredinVA


    Duh. How does worker comp fit in here? Your question was about providing service if an injury is not work related.
  4. RetiredinVA

    Towing Irregularities

    There is no way for you to "file an injunction". You'll have to wait until the collection agency files suit against you to collect the alleged debt. At that point you can bring up all your defenses.
  5. RetiredinVA

    Can 4 people be the legal owners of a house in New York City?

    Before they buy the house they should consult an attorney about preparing either a shared equity agreement or a partnership agreement.. The rights and responsibilities of the purchasers should be specifically and clearly spelled out in the agreement. You may all be friends now but that could change in a heart beat.
  6. Not necessarily. North Carolina, as many other states, uses a principle called "equitable distribution" to decide the fair division of marital property. The judge takes into account numerous factors, including the couples financial and non-financial contributions to the marriage, in deciding how the marital property (and debts) should be distributed. An attorney who says the property is always divided 50/50 is either uninformed or has been misunderstood. Frankly, though, the court usually uses the 50/50 split as a starting point.
  7. Since no one has shown any interest in the post in the last three years it is unlikely there will be any interest now.
  8. RetiredinVA

    Oregon DUII, Guilty While Sober

    This is not a gofundme site.
  9. RetiredinVA

    Undisclosed shared water well

    Since it is common for whole communities to share a well, I suspect sharing a well may not be considered a major defect in title. However, for a really meaningful answer you need to contact a local real estate attorney who may have some knowledge of local law.
  10. RetiredinVA

    Son taking advantage of dad

    I would guess the first thing would be to call your son and see what is going on.
  11. For a general discussion of fiduciaryy duties see: https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/fiduciary_duty But the primary duty of a trustee is to obey the legal requirements set out in the trust document. No one can comment on the validity of a trustee's actions until they have read the trust document.
  12. RetiredinVA


    I'm really not sure what the "1 question" is. You can abut the fence on the tree, build the fence around the tree, or cut the tree down. Does that answer your question?
  13. RetiredinVA


    This is a legal discussion group, you know. Have you consulted a fence installer?
  14. RetiredinVA

    Vacate judgment

    Did you have a car repossessed at some time? This could relate to a car for which you co-signed. Whether a judgment appears on your credit report is irrelevant.
  15. RetiredinVA

    Co-worker lawsuit

    When you find out what is going on come back.