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  1. List the property on Schedule A/B and check box for amended form. Also list the liens and taxes on an amended Schedule D.
  2. yes it is an asset. You would set the vaklue at the price you would sell it for. The fact that there are liens and taxes on the property does not make it nott an asset. Why would you use the address of a vacant lot as your address?
  3. You need to amend your petition to include the inheritance and notify the trustee. If there is no value in the land the trustee will abandon the property. How did the executor of your father's estate deal with the taxes?
  4. You understand a person is admitted to hospice because they are terminally ill and expected to die in a short period of time, usually six months or less. The object of hospice is to make the last few months as comfortable as possible. That often requires heavy doses of pain killers, like methadone. Whether there are alternatives is impossible to judge without expert advice. If you really want to help, get your daughter a second opinion on the efficacy of the treatment being provided and possible alternatives. Your opinion about what should be done is likely to carry very little weight.
  5. It can take up to a year to settle an estate. There is nothing for you to do. However, you must realize that bing the executor of an estate is not a "whatever" proposition. It is important to know if your sister has been appointed executor by the court. Pennsylvania requires all heirs be given notice as follows: Rule 10.5. Notice to Beneficiaries and Intestate Heirs. (a) Within three (3) months after the grant of letters, the personal representative to whom original letters have been granted or the personal representative’s counsel shall send a written notice of estate administration in the form approved by the Supreme Court to: * * * (2) the decedent’s spouse and children, whether or not they are named in, or have an interest under, the will; So, you should have received or shortly will receive a notice your sister is administrating the estate.
  6. If the truck was used then it was up to you to verify the claims of the seller. Unless you had a warranty, any such sales are "as is". Also, transactions between business people are viewed much more harshly than those between consumers. Did you operate the truck and its hydraulics before you bought it? Did you have it examined by a mechanic before you bought it?
  7. You cannot, your daughter can. It is not surprising you got no response on the phone. When you put your daughter on the person on the other end had no way of verifying that the female she was speaking to was the patient. Can you make arrangements to be present when the nurse comes to see your daughter?
  8. I would interpret it as two adults trying their best to cause emotional stress in their child(ren).
  9. Yes, it is literally illegal. However, the police departmentis not likely to have any interest in the incident. You could sue for trespass and probably receive a judgement for $1.00. Why did the neighbor hire a surveyor to survey your land? Establishing the line between your property and theirs is reasonable. But I wonder why it would take 5 hours to do so.
  10. We don't do recommendations here. And, even if we did, the odds on someone here having experience with custody cases in Scott County, Tennessee, are pretty long.
  11. When you say your sibling is executor do you mean they have been appointed by the court or merely nominated as executor in the will? If they have not been appointed yet, you should receive a notice the will has been presented to the court and the executor has been appointed. Why don't you call the executor and ask what's going on?
  12. Your right to custody of the child is derived from the jurisdiction of the Tennessee Court. Termination of your custody must, therefore, occur in the Tennessee Court. Although the court order ended the case as far as the GAL might be concerned, child custody cases are always subject to reopening. A different GAL will undoubtedly be appointed if the case is reopened. Nothing illegal has occurred.
  13. File a motion to have him held in contempt of court for the violsations of the order. Be sure you have admissible proof of the allegations, not just your belief they have occurred.
  14. I posted before you clarified. Officers of a corporation are usually appointed by the board of directors, although the authority can be delegated. Anyway, the owners of 70% of the shares of the corporation can probably stack the board of directors so you get fired, rather than the CTO. You sshould probably consider moving on since you are not in a powerful position to arrange matters to suit yourself. Again, consult local business oriented counsel about how to leave but protect your interest.
  15. Partners cannot fire partners. Since you are a minority partner about all you can do is withdraw from the partnership. You should consult a business lawyer to discuss how you should do so and the consequences. It sounds as if you are not going to be happy with the outcome.