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  1. Do you have any documentation of your agreement to purchase the vehicle, such as a purchase agreement or, at least, a cancelled check. I would take a more direct approach, Thai is, I would consult the police and tell them you believe you may have been cheated out of the payment you made and ask them to determine if the vehicle is stolen.
  2. Since this involves a single city or water utility, I would suggest you consult an attorney in that city for advice. I would be surprised if a municipal water supplier is required to run a water main to an individual house for free upon request.
  3. So, the medical record says you denied a pelvic exam and the doctor included a chaperone because you did not calm down. Why would you expect those statements would make another doctor refuse to treat you? Incidentally, why were you agitated?
  4. What do the "rules" say about eviction? Are the rules stated or incorporated in the deeds to the residences?
  5. My brother told me a story about a similar incident he was involved in. The suspect refused to hold the board containing his name and identification number up in front of him as he was being photographed. So, my brother handcuffed the suspect behind his back and yelled to another officer, "Get me a couple of thumbtacks." The suspect elected to hold up the signboard.
  6. A copy of the petition must be served with a citation to answer the petition. Rule 99.a. Is the tax lien for a period prior to the time involved in the hearing?
  7. Excuse me! It appeared to me the antagonist was Bo, your foreman.
  8. Your termination did not violate any of your civil rights. Unless you have a contract requiring your termination be with cause or you are party to a collective bargaining organization, you are out of luck.
  9. Trying to figure out why people are not designating the state. The post creation page is perfectly clear. However, the indication the state is "REQUIRED" is obviously incorrect. Oh well! See below: Create New Topic Title REQUIRED Tag State Add Tag REQUIRED
  10. It seems like anonymous state postingas have increased exponentially within the last two or three months. I wonder if there has been a change in the posting input. I will try posting something to see what it looks like.
  11. Why is it no one identifies their state anymore?
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