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  1. RetiredinVA

    Getting alamoney

    You are entitled to a portion of his income during the three years you were married, but not during the period you lived together. Due to the limited duration of the marriage you may be awarded spousal support for a limited time while you search for work. File your response and a motion for a temporary award of attorney's fees.
  2. RetiredinVA

    Ira beneficiary

    Have efforts been made to find and notify the non-claiming beneficiary?If the beneficiary is deceased, the IRA would go to their estate. If they are not found, it would be held by a receiver until it is claimed. No, the second beneficiary does not get the money. Who is managing the funds?
  3. RetiredinVA

    Child Support Arrears and traveling

    The distinction is that before being arrested for being in arrears there must be a motion to show cause why the individual should be held in contempt of the court. Simply being in arrears does not result in a warrant and resulting arrest. If the individual has been held in contempt of the court there could be an outstanding warrant. In the more common case an individual held in contempt doesn't even leave the courthouse. If there is an outstanding warrant the individual may be prevented from leaving the country, much less trying to return. BTW, I don't see how the dual citizenship enters into the question at all. If there is an outstanding warrant it doesn't matter what type of passport the traveler is carrying.
  4. RetiredinVA

    Child Support Arrears and traveling

    People don't get arrested because they are in arrears in child support. However, they may be held in contempt and incarcerated because they are in contempt of the court's order.
  5. RetiredinVA


    Almost any credible evidence will support a probation revocation. When you moved did you advise the probation officer? If not, that is a probation violation in itself. The idea of probation is that you must be squeaky clean or you go to jail. Probation is a privilege that is to be treasured.
  6. You can copyright any original phrase you come up with, proving the phrase has not already been copyrighted by someone else.
  7. RetiredinVA

    AxonHCS: Possible Fraudulent Conveyance

    Once again, hypothetical questions, with absolutely no factual context can only lead to speculative, and probably useless, responses. If your factual basis is hidden behind a link you will find few people here that will open your link. Note below that only gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, and png files can be attached to messages. But, I will say that mere speculation is not going to convince many judges to act.
  8. RetiredinVA

    toxic mold in apartment

    Then it may be difficult to hold the landlord liable for not correcting the mold problem.
  9. I'm sorry but there is simply no way for us to explain something a judge did or thought.
  10. RetiredinVA

    AxonHCS: Possible Fraudulent Conveyance

    If there is a conveyance and it can be proven to be fraudulent, it can be set aside. Aside from that, with no facts given, it is relativel impossible to say if the conveyance you are suscpicious about can be enjoined. BTW, I am not clicking on any links.
  11. RetiredinVA


    Yes. However, the validity of such contracts could be challenged after they were entered into. But the law recognizes that people can enter into contracts and make wills during lucid periods. I am curious why you continual seem to focus on "the guy from McDonalds." The fact that hey first met at McDonalds, as opposed to meeting at a church social, is truly irrelevant. Perhaps the guy from McDonalds would not have been selected by your father as his confidant if you had been available.
  12. RetiredinVA

    Judgment or Contract Date?

    The reason we can't answer yyour question is because the inference drawn from the necessity for the suit. If it was intended the equity be granted immediately, i.e. in 2015, it would not be necessary to have the grant of equity set out in a contract. So, there must have been some intent of the parties that the equity would be granted at some time in the future. If that is the case, there should be something in the contract defining the time or contingencies that would occur that would result in the award of the equity. That's why I ask about the provision in the contract governing the award of the equity interest.
  13. RetiredinVA

    leathal force used to apprehend service dog

    Was your dog off the leash?
  14. RetiredinVA

    Judgment or Contract Date?

    What does the contract say about the award of equity? What does the order say about the award of equity? When you say equity are you referring to a specific number of shares or a specific percentage of ownership or something else?
  15. RetiredinVA

    Judgment or Contract Date?

    No one here has seen the contract or the court award. Nor do ws know any of the facts of the case. If you have a lawyrr, ask your lawyer. If not, consult a lawyer who can review all of the fact and fzctors.