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  1. RetiredinVA

    Recording private phone calls and re-broadcasting

    Neither example concerns illegal recording or broadcasting phone calls to nerchants. One example involved "swatting" and a clearly illegall false 911 call. The other involved a telephonic bomb threat, which was also clearly illegal. If those calls were brodcast, I wonder why there was no investigation.
  2. RetiredinVA

    Recording private phone calls and re-broadcasting

    The livestreamers are not parties to the phone calls. The potential violation of the eavesdropping laws has nothing to do with them.
  3. RetiredinVA

    Recording private phone calls and re-broadcasting

    The only people who have standing to object or take action would be the people who the alleged offender calls. The individuals who are the alleged victims of the calls would have no standing based on the non-consensual nature of the recordings and brosdcasts.
  4. RetiredinVA

    Recording private phone calls and re-broadcasting

    Are you one of the 4 or 5 people. If so, do you know why this person has chosen you as a target.
  5. RetiredinVA

    Payday is always late

    The timing, if any, of payday would be a matter of state law. You did not designate the state. If you have suffered hundreds of dollars of late fees because the pay arrives two or three days late you may need a second job or a better paying job because your current pay is apparently not adequate.
  6. Fallout expects us to remember all his hopelessly confused and confusing prior 85 posts scattered over numerous threads.
  7. Another thread started on the same issue. Besides the medical information, the examiner should consider how and where the injury occurred. Whether the injury is work related or not is the number one issue in any such case. I might point out that when a patient presents for treatment, they are usually required to complete paperwork regarding payment and medical history. On the forms regarding payment, there is usually a question as to whether the injury was work related. This is important to the physician's financial staff since it can change the entity to bill and, more importantly, the likelihood of getting paid if the patient does not have insurance. This information can carry over to the medical record. You claim the medical record proves the injury was work related because it says the injury was industrial. All that notation means on the medical record is that you checked the box on the form that said the injury was work related. The physician does not determine or decide the origin of the injury during the course of treatment.
  8. RetiredinVA

    Undocumented person as volunteer worker

    I understand. But cbc asked how the potential employer was an undocumented alien.
  9. RetiredinVA

    Undocumented person as volunteer worker

    E-Verify is an Internet-based system that compares information entered by an employer from an employee's Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to records available to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to confirm employment eligibility.
  10. RetiredinVA

    Undocumented person as volunteer worker

    That is a chicken and egg conundrum. If the person is considered an employee, the organization is required to do an e-verify check. The original question is whether the person would be considered an employee.
  11. RetiredinVA

    Judgement in my favor. What do I need to file next

    If the poster was the defendant in the case, I would assume the judgment was probably a dismissal of the case or whatever you call it in California.
  12. Yes, you can. How much damages can you prove?
  13. RetiredinVA

    Help with issuing a 3 day please..

    The three day notice is a notice to "pay or vacate." In other words, it requires the tenant to pay the full amount of outstanding rent within three days or leave the premises. You might want to look at http://ohiolandlordtenant.com/eviction-process/eviction-timeline/
  14. RetiredinVA

    Landlord changing terms of agreement

    But, is he claiming you owe him for prior years Rent?
  15. RetiredinVA


    It depends on the timing of the deaths of your husband and his parents. If his parents predeceased your husband, then an interest in the real estate was inherited by him and you would be entitled to at least part of his inheritance. If, on the other hand, your husband predeceased his parents, then he would not inherited anything from them and you would not be entitled to part of the property. However, his grandchild would be entitled to his share of the real estate.