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  1. im not trying to be rude, but it is all of my concern. it is my life that this is concerning.
  2. My mother does not currently have custody of my sister and I. I am 16 and she is 14. I live with my aunt and uncle and she lives with her father, we are not happy living where we are now, although we are given what is required such as food, clothes and shelter. our mother was a drug addict and though it was in our best interest for us to choose a family member and she signed over guardianship to that person that we chose. she is now clean from the drugs, she has a job, she has a house, and she is financially stable, and is ready to get us back. we want to move in with her, but our current guardians are willing to fight for us to stay with them even though we don't want them to. what are the chances that the court will re-grant our mother custody of us? How long will the court hearings last. like week months, or what? and finally will we have to keep living with our current guardians while the court hearings are going on? p.s in our official court papers it says that we should be getting visitation with our mother that we are not currently getting because our current guardians don't allow us to do so. Also, my mother never terminated her parental rights, she just signed over for guardianship.
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