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  1. next to my brother home, there is a business, on the middle there is a broken fence, on that section my brother put a piece of wood, the business customer came and knock out the piece of wood with his truck, then my brother came and try to put the pc of wood back, by accident he scratched the bumper/muffler of the customer's truck, owner of truck called police and they arrested my brother, he out now with a bail, he already had court ,then he received letter in the mail stated that, Intentionally and knowingly damage and destroy tangible property to wit a ford truck by putting objets into the exhaust pipe and by striking the truck with various objects without the consent of owner , and did thereby cause pecuniary loss to the owner of fifteen hundred dollar or more . AGAINST THE PEACE AND DIGNITY OF THE STATE. Offense ;Criminal Mischief .Midland texas. On his first court owner of truck didn't show, also police took the store video as a proof in court. We need a legal advice please.
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