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  1. What happens when the doctors find how out the % of disability of my ankle?
  2. To summarize my question is I did asked and no answer. I got injury again when doctor sent me back with no restricts and shortly after the fact I was fired. Because I was off the books I don't get unemployment I thought that America with disability act they cant fire you because of that?
  3. my question is why did take worker comp so long two I was fired indeed im stilling wait on a doctor to tell me what % of disability I have on my ankle what happens after the last doctor visit with comp court?
  4. hello I was injury when I was working for a towing company I came in one mourning and my truck I was using was a flatbed and the previous shift left the bed a mess it had mud oil on the bed I report it to the employer and he told that after I did a call I could clean it up being little mad I went and did the call it was a cargo trailer that had a broken shackle I load it up no problem but then I went to unloaded I slip and fell and torn ligaments in my ankle and hit my hand on the bed with my body weight so I report the injury to my employer who took me to urgent care and told not to report the injury as on the job because I wasn't a ware that was off the books well that weekend I went to the shop to change my oil in my truck with the help from my buddy and I had permission to do so I had a coworker flip out on me and call me nasty names because the coworker was his friend was the one who left the bed a mess then after the weekend I had a call from the doctor who treated me told me that I need ankle specialist because of the injury so bed I told my employer and told me that he file a clam with worker comp it took over 2 months until I could see a doctor.so I went to seek help from a attorney and my boss found out and call flipping out that I got a lawyer well I went to comp hearing and took forever to my first check I lost my apartment and was pretty broke for while. then after my treatment I went back to work and still receiving the same treatment from the coworker I report and noting happen then 2 weeks back to work I injury the same ankle while pushing a disable car I torn it again so a week later he call my up saying he needed my uniforms and he had my check he never told me I was fired or noting so my question is I don't get unemployment and I work for them for over 8 months and I not getting any info on my current lawyer it seems that they don't care I was wondering what to do im waiting on another doctor to see me and been a few months
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