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  1. sorry I left out the main detailes. I live in Cobb county Georgia, my 1st pobation officer told me that I could get another evaluation if I wanted so I did and during this time my probation officers changed . My 2nd probation officer said that I could not use the second evaluation tha I had to use the 1st evaluation. So I went back to the 1st place and I was told that it was void this was around 2yrs time between 1st and 2nd evaluation's ,then I told my 2nd PO what he said ,she said that no its not void ,she said tell him to call me. The buisenes are not the same so how can a PO tell him otherwise,I am just trying to find out if by law is she just showing her authority or was the 1st PO lieing to me. I have already faxed my 2nd evaluation to the PO office with that having done what court has ordered.My thought is that its the choice if she wants the 1st or 2nd evaluation ,all she has to do is turn it in because it is complete with 1st evaluation having said that it's void.Thanks
  2. i got a evaluation and disagreed so i was told i could get another by probation officer ,i did and probation officer changed @ this one told me that had to use 1st one. Whats the law?
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