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  1. Hi, everyone. My Mother is eighty years old. She works in the activities department of a nursing home. She started the department many years ago and it has been a total success. She has received accommodation from the state consistently and numerous awards for the city and county. Her department rated the highest in the state for ten years. She was the director. Then two years ago they hired a new administrator. She told my Mother that if she wanted to retire and get some rest they would not stand in her way. Mom made good money and was continuing to get raises before the new administrator. Mother said no, thank you that she liked to work. She also needed the money because she takes care of my brother who is disabled. Being very careful not to get an age discrimination problem on their hand they have bombarded her for two years. First, they took the title of director from her and never bothered to get anyone else. Then they reduced her salary by $4.50 per hour. Then they cut her hours. When none of that worked they made her start having to work on Sundays...because they know how much she loves going to church and it is a big part of her life. They also told her and the other older lady that they can no longer sit down..they need to be walking the halls at all time. They took away her office and put a table that you have to stand up to work on. The latest stunt is what I am asking about. Mother has a note in her file that says she cannot be around cigarette smoke due to health reasons...from her doctor. They called her in on Friday and she would have to start being in the smoking room with the nursing home residents that smoke when it is their smoking time. She told them she is not supposed to be around smoke and they said her job description says she must be willing and capable of doing any job she is asked to do...she is freaking out...and she is too old for this crap. She lives in the state of Alabama in the county of Jackson. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you and blessings to you.
  2. Because he is now deceased and did not have a law partner or associates.
  3. If you received diversion and then a dismissal in your case (shoplifting) is that a conviction on your record? If you received the Georgia First Offender Act and then a discharge is that a conviction on your record? If you have had a record expunged is that a conviction on your record? If you have had these three things and received a dismissal, discharge, and an expungement (you are one lucky boy!)...three cases....if there were (there is not) a future charge would the court system count the dismissal, discharge, and expungement against you? God bless you for assisting me....I truly appreciate it.
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