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  1. My apologies for my contradictory statements. Currently there is a restraining order in place that allows supervised visitation at harmony house. However, despite being given this generous offer he has chosen NOT to participate. Our consent judgment is silent regarding relocation. Thank you all so much for everyone's comments.
  2. Even with a restraining order in place, the only way he is allowed to see her is on supervised visitation at a place managed by the sheriff's office and he refuses to go. Are you saying that if he chooses now to participate in supervised visitation that I would have to bring her to La?? He has told me we could leave on the condition that he could see her unsupervised and quit paying CS. She is only 5 years old and this has been going on for 2 years. The DA is still pursuing the case.
  3. My daughter disclosed to me that her father has been molesting her for over a year. After forensic interviews and medical exams they advised me to get a restraining order. Fast forward a year later. ..restraining order is granted as well as supervised visitation. He refuses to do supervised visitation and has not seen her in over a year. I have been given a job opportunity in Florida where I am from and where my family resides. I would like to move but her father says we can't. Is there a way I can relocate back home with my daughter since he isn't allowed to see her and still refuses to participate in supervised visitation?
  4. I feel I should get paid 100% of my wages. I now have to pay all my medical insurance out of pocket because I'm not able to work for 3 months
  5. I had a really bad fall at work (hospital ) tripping over an employee and dislocated my hip and tore my labrum. I had to have surgery and was in the hospital for two weeks. I will not be able to return to work for 3 months. Do I have a case?
  6. THANK YOU for the info, I will be attending.
  7. I recently attended a hearing through CSE. MY ex has remained voluntarily unemployed. He has been terminated for every job due to insubordination, so the hearing officer denied his request to modify CS. He did not agree with her ruling so she said that he can argue his issue in front of a judge. She did order him to pay CS, ARREARS and 5% of court costs. My question is, the hearing I attended, was that also for contempt of court on his refusal to pay?? Do I have to attend the hearing that he is going to with the judge in January. OR is the January hearing for contempt...I'm confused.
  8. I told my attorney in our consultation along with emails from his mother confirming his mental condition. Prior to mediation both attorneys went in to speak with the mediator and I assumed those issues were being brought to her attention. After the hearing, my attorney told me that based on his psych issues that's why he was granted no overnights. So, now that she is approaching preschool, my ex will not allow her to attend claiming it conflicts with his visitation. I just want her to get a headstart on her education bc that's in her best interest. I am at a loss right now as what to do except to file for a motion to modify CJ. Any thoughts?
  9. I need advice, I currently have joint custody with my ex. I'm DP. NCP consistently violates CJ regarding visitation And he does not pay court ordered CS. Child support enforcement is after him but he refuses to show up for any hearings. He also has past issues with alcohol. Has always had mental and anger issues, ie, failed psych eval for navy to obtain security clearance. Is unable to hold a job because he is always being fired for his anger problems. He also has Aspergers which makes it difficult for him to properly care for child. None of which was bought up at our mediation. But due to new circumstances, I would like to get sole custody, what are my chances?
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