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  1. what are the punishments for a failure to appear in the 1st degree
  2. ok,im still not understanding what agg assult-enter residence means,i read that link and i still dont get it
  3. in az do the people residing in the residence have to be shown the search warrant by an officer before the officers enter the home,and does someone have to be home while they search?
  4. when someone is charged with agg assult-entering residence what does that mean?
  5. even though when i call ed 911 and made it very clear that i wasnot at the house?theres no dead body cuz the victim called 011 from a vehicle and made it very clear that she wasnt at home
  6. what if theres a witness that saw the whole thing and they dispute what me and another person said?if the witness said it was self defense on his part?
  7. at least one of the cops was in the house for 30 min before he came out and my boyfriend was already under arrest,thats not legal right?
  8. okay,and what is the definition of hot pusuit?they werent chasing after him and they didnt see him in the house
  9. are the cops allowed to enter your home even when theres a no tresspassing sign on the gate? (Please see link to poster's other topic thread for additional context and details re: his/her situation. - FindLaw Moderator)
  10. my boyfriend and i got into a physical fight and i left the house.i called the cops and they went to the house looking for him.he was in the neighbors yard.an officer walked into our home and saw a weed bong on the table.so he went and got a search warrant.in the meantime my boyfriend was arrested and bonded out the next day.the first charges got vacated and about 5 weeks later they came and served him this time with 17 charges.were the cops breaking the law when they entered our home and nobody was in it?when i called 911 i made it very clear that i wasnt at the residence.he told the cops all the paraphanelia was him.if i went and told them at court that it was my paraphanelia would it help him?
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