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  1. Btw...its been...2 weeks.court date is in a month....I want to be able to visit my son without having to fight with my ex everytime
  2. To elle...yes I left him with a good father...not knowing exactly where I was going to live with no money....his father was aware of that and even threatened if I were to take my son...he would charge me with kidnapping and put me in jail ..please dont judge me when u do not know full details
  3. ok after I hire local attorney, will I be able to take my son with me out of state? he was born in Mississippi and has lived there since, his father is not a bad dad, but I want to see him as much equally, is there a law where my son can split time with both of us equally?
  4. I recently moved out of my exboyfriends house and left my 11month old son with him temporarily and moved to texas to work and live with family....I agreed to let my son stay with my ex and I would visit when I can...well he is denying me visitation and he has filed a court hearing in October to have primary physical custody and I don't want that because he is not allowing me to visit my son and now I want to fight for full custody and bring him to texas....how can I do that and when I go to the custody hearing in Mississippi in October, what do I say or do?
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