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  1. Okay... a different tack.. what about removing the plate, not covering it? As the law states, the plate needs to be displayed when the vehicle is on public roads (either operated or parked) and the law states that the plate cannot be covered; what about "removed altogether and placed in locked storage when off public streets"? Also, if the plate is in fact state property and not ours, why do we keep the old ones when the state sends us new plates?
  2. My goal is to preserve my privacy from "street view" cameras and befuddle police who drive through private lots on "fishing" expeditions with their license plate cameras. I have plenty of other passtimes; fishing, shooting, photography, HAM radio, etc etc etc... but that's immaterial. As for my age, although that hardly seems relevant, is "mid 30's" and I'll leave that at that.
  3. Hello form the state of Minnesota. My question regards laws regarding the display of license plates in the state of Minnesota. What I was wondering was, would it be legal to affix (via non-permanent means, ie magnets) an opaque cover to the license plates on my vehicle when it's legally parked? I read the MN law regarding the display of license plates (Statute 169.79 Vehicle Registration; Displaying License Plates) and it only seems to be required when driving, operating, or parking the vehicle on public roads. What about parking lots? Private driveways or apartment lots? Wal Mart lots, restaraunt lots, etc...? Further, if I were to cut notches in the cover so that the current years tabs and month were visible, would that clear up any legal issues?
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