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  1. They sent us an official statement charging us for instillation of a new sink, purchase of a new sink, and disposal of the old sink. We also have a phone conversation where the property manager says she hired a plumber and emphatically states that they replaced the sink, and we KNOW they didn't do any of this. I fully understand that IF we damaged the sink, we might be responsible for the depreciated value of the sink, but there has to be something we can do since they out right LIED in their statement of charges and are acting in bad faith.
  2. It has just come to our knowledge that they have falsified the statement they sent to us, stating that they replaced a sink that we now have photographic evidence that they did not replace. I believe this makes our case open and shut!
  3. Here is the statute: 13-11a-3. Deceptive trade practices enumerated -- Records to be kept -- Defenses. © causes likelihood of confusion or of misunderstanding as to affiliation, connection, association with, or certification by another; I've read the security deposit statute, multiple times. I'm only after what is owed to me legally. They are still using this agreement with new/current tenants.
  4. I believe our landlords have been misrepresenting themselves as members of the the trade association for apartment owners in Utah. We lived in an apartment for more than 3 years and all our leases and all of the forms we signed were supplied by the Utah Apartment Association. On each form it clearly states that it is illegal to use these forms if you are not a member in good standing within the organization. Once our final lease ended and we were trying to recover our security deposit I called the organization to see if the management company, owners of the property, or the individuals who executed our leases were members. It turns out they are not. Isn't this deceptive trade practices? They misrepresented themselves as members by using their forms and we thought we were renting from a reputable company who knew the law and had proper training and affiliation within the state—which is becoming clear to us that they do not.
  5. Yes, you are correct. The statement does not give any reason or explanation for the deductions—it just shows that deductions have been taken. I've spoken to a lawyer and placed calls to a couple others. No one seems interested in fighting for a "measly" $1,000. But this is a big deal to us—on principle alone.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Another question: If the landlord sent a statement, but it does not give any explanation for the reason they are withholding the amount (it just says "wash walls, sink, indoor windows and blinds with costs assigned to each), should I accept this statement? This is what the Utah code says: (2) No later than 30 days after the day on which a renter vacates and returns possession of a rental property to the owner or the owner's agent, the owner or the owner's agent shall deliver to the renter at the renter's last known address: [...] © if the owner or the owner's agent made any deductions from the deposit or prepaid rent, a written notice that itemizes and explains the reason for each deduction.
  7. I recently moved from an apartment with a $1,000 security deposit. I had not received the balance of my deposit or an itemized statement from the landlord at the 30 day mark, so I sent a letter requesting that either the deposit or the statement be sent. Upon receipt of my letter, the landlord sent me a bill for overages in excess of the security deposit by a couple hundred dollars. My first question is: is this legal? Can they send a bill AFTER the 30 days? Among the items on the list is more than $500 for cleaning the apartment for services such as washing walls. Even at $30/hour that would be more than 16 hours of cleaning. I have photographs that show the apt. was left clean and would certainly not require the amount of cleaning that would cost $500. My ultimate question is: Should I pursue this in small claims court? Even though I have moved out of state and would need to fly back to defend myself.
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