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  1. I was involved in a 5 car wreck, I was at a red light and a car hit me from behind were I hit the car in front of me and that car hit another chain reaction. Out of the 5 cars only 3 cars were damaged/ no injuries of anyone. Filed a claim with the person who is at fault insurance and went to there place of where they do the preliminary estimate. I placed a call to the insurance company to find out what the next step is in getting my vehicle fixed. The lady stated to me that it will be a lengthy process because there were 5 cars involved and they still have not gotten the police report and because it was 5 cars involved it will go over the insurance plan so they have to wait before they pay out to repair the damage on my vehicle and for a rental car until everyone has reported and they know the total cost of everything! What should I do my vehicle is damaged and no vehicle to drive?
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