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  1. I forgot to tell you!!! I live in Berks County Pennsylvania .


  2. I want to rent an apt with my wife. The apt complex wants a permanent visa for ID from my wife. It is still being processed. My wife came to the U.S. about 1 year ago on a K-1 visa (fiancée visa) that is good for 90 days. We got married in Feb and began to file the paperwork. Since then she has received her SS card and work authorization card, but the visa is still in process. We went step by step when filing the forms and paperwork, being so careful not to miss anything I hired a DOJ approved rep. to review and file for us. I gave proof to the complex mgr. that the visa is still in process, but she still said "no" that she wanted a permanent visa from my wife. I am a U.S. born citizen,we are legally married and have all the documentation to prove that we are doing all of this "above board" and legal. "It is only the matter of time, the government works very slow" I tried to explain. Now, I want to ask If, what she is asking for legal and what recourse do I have if it's not. We both really want to live in that complex! I don't want to name the complex and its parent co......YET

  3. @Nannaplease stop posting unredacted documents with personal information on them. I've removed all images/attachments. Names, phone numbers, addresses and other personal information should be redacted before posting online.
  4. Locking thread as nothing productive is happening here.
  5. I've locked the post. Right now, we'll deal with these situations on a case-by-case basis. Thank you.
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  7. Deleted a comment for inciting violence.
  8. I removed a spam link from jacck's post above.
  9. I removed a link in the original post that may be considered spam.
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