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  1. Currently, I pay my ex-husband $275/mo. for child support. Since I am a homemaker, I don't receive a paycheck. Therefore, the current support amount was calculated based on what I would earn if I were working full-time for minimum wage. However, every time my ex-husband gets upset, he threatens to take me back to court and have the support amount re-calculated based on my current husband's income. My husband makes a good living, but we have a lot of financial problems and debts from years of poor money management. Also, we just filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy. So, can my current husband's income be included in calculation of the support amount that I am ordered to pay my ex-husband? Additionally, I have read several posts in the forums on this topic and a majority of the answers basically stated that the current spouse's income cannot be included in support determination, unless I am "intentionally unemployed." I don't know what is meant by that. What is considered "intentional unemployment"? Lastly, if my husband's income were, for some reason, included in the re-calculation of support, would the fact that we just filed bankruptcy have any bearing on that determination? We are in Louisiana. I'm trying to find out where the laws in my state stand regarding this issues. Any help sorting this out is very appreciated!
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