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  1. I have had plms, big and small- and cannot just remain secured no matter how many times I change my email address of what not . Try as I may- I'm very wary about our latest technology delendency and almost embrassed by the lack of laws relating to it. Internet -and society-- years I've been blocked / booted off my address/ stranded & sites inaccessible / address unheard of / all above during the course of taking classes at college / trying to revamp my professional acting career / logging in on my employment at the local school district office / simply even trying to learn how to use the system more yet I swear my address is always jinxed . I finally reported it to local college after refusing to attend for awhile & since then I finally have been able to hold a FB acct for 3 years straight ! It's a miracle !! Yet - my troubles are far from over .. I can't bank online etc. do I have any recourse- and how can I go about getting the legal help I need with basically zero funds ?! Please help me get out of this hell hole !
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