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  1. i fell at work in '07. have been on off work on workcomp since '08. have had 3 surgeries. just recently settled with workcomp. went to work and ask to be put back to work. they said "but you settled with workcomp" that is true. i told attorneys i wanted to go back to work. they said that is fine. my employer said they would see what i need to return and get back with me at weeks end last week. so my question is: is my employer obligated to put me back to work? what steps should i take to expidite this? if they don't put me back to work after my expressing wanting to return then what? i'm not going to qiut voluntarily. would i then be fired?? just wanting to go back to work and get on with my life that has been put on hold for several years. i live in oklahoma. thank you!
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