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  1. Dear Tax_Counsel: Are you licensed to practice in Massachusetts? JD
  2. Thanks to everyone. It appears I have a lot of homework to do, though I'm not so sure googling is the way to go. I'm intrigued by the comment that comparing the cost of probating an estate to the cost of having a trust created is like comparing apples and potatoes. I can't say the two are not commensurable. With the cost of probate proportionally related to the aggregate value of the assets being probated, it seems like a no-brainer to pre-probate as much as possible before it is necessary. JD
  3. Thank you goonbolt. It appears the "major disadvantage" of a living trust is the same as not having a living trust; i.e., the attorney's fees. As I understand it, probate attorneys take "a piece of the action", so it's probably better to spend the money now on a living trust than to subject my wife and/or heirs to a Hobson's choice after I'm history. As far as transferring property titles, bank accounts, beneficiaries for insurance policies, as well as other assets, it is merely a matter of doing the work, which I believe I can do myself. As for "complex dispositions", I don't know what that term means, but since I will be paying a lawyer one way or the other, maybe I can get a definition thrown in for the price and then get to work on that as well. Thanks again to goonbolt and harrylime. I welcome anyone else's response ... JD
  4. Thanks harrylime, but aren't there certain salient issues which might narrow the focus of a search? I will certainly take your suggestion and do a search, though I was hoping that this site might obviate my need for a general search and give me something specific to look for. JD
  5. What is the point or purpose of creating a Living Trust? What are the advantages of a Living Trust? What are the disadvantages? Thank you. JD
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