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  1. i need a seasoned pedestrian case lawyer. im being sued and i need defense. i had a green light in a busy 2 way street i started driving (pedestrian on the sidewalk at that point)and a motorcycle went into oncoming traffic in front of me to pass a truck he was behind of. i avoided him by slowing down and moved slightly to my right(there are parked cars on my right by the sidewalk) when the motorcycle passed i look on my right the pedestrian who wasnt looking walked into my car and was hit by my right passenger mirror on their right arm. no damage to the car mirror folded in. my insurance co. told me i was liable by 15%. their lawyer and my insurance dont agree on liability hence the lawsuit.there may be video by surrounding buildings. i heard they had knee surgery and want emotional pain and suffering what worse is that the officer who witnessed it gave a citation that im inexperienced and wasnt paying attention yet he never gave me tickets. police report does say i had the green light. for the record i was looking and been driving 5yrs
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