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  1. .. Thank u for responding ... Yes, I'm considering divorce .. It's time ... She is not being cooperative or rational ... I'm afraid she'll disappear with my kids again ... but, she'll just be digging her grave deeper ...
  2. ..... In 2012 my wife and I separated. She absconded with our 3 young boys after Christmas and shacked up in several states for a few months before finding a place to sit for a while with her dad in Indiana. I was able to track them down but she took off again before I could reach them. She's now settled in Colorado with a teaching job and an apartment. She has lots of divorced, separated and dysfunctional soccer mom friends to whom she entertains with fictional yarns or stories of being victimized and mistreated. We are still legally married but she's been claiming to be a single woman, mother and parent while treating me like a lowly sperm donor with an ATM and no rights. Visitation and contact has been supervised. Phone conversations with my kids are monitored and she's overheard in the background telling my kids what to say and she's constantly hanging up on me. The rudeness and disrespect spreads as she curses me out using the F, MF, AH, POS words in front of, around and even to my kids. .... She's out of control.. She has caused me to miss my kids birthdays when she disappeared with them on my visits from Florida claiming they won't be back till I leave .. The gifts I left were either thrown away or given to the boys as gifts from her or an uncle or some other relative ... Since we are still married, how do I legally reclaim my kids from COLORADO back to their home in FLORIDA without causing an intercontinental nightmare and drama? Worse yet more emotional trauma to my kids? .... The woman is not right in the head. I have bent over backwards to appease and accommodate her but with every inch I yield she tries to take 10 miles. She is totally contentious, irrational, neurotic, delusional, impulsive, hypocritical and in total denial .... Help !!! Thanks, Delta4
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