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  1. member pg1067, i did not ask for nasty and rude remarks so please keep those to yourself if you have not helpful advise
  2. I have joint custody of my 6yr daughter. Resently went to court in regards to my daughters mother requesting to move out of state to cali, her request was denied. I found out yesterday from my daughter (which I have currently) that her mother is gone out of state to look for a job in cali. It was my weekend to have my daughter, but out of the blue her mother offered to let me have her for 2wks. which is not like her at all. I know it is because she was going out of state. that is not what has me so concerned. My daughter also stated that after she is with me she is then to go to her grandfathers home for another two weeks because her mother will still be in cali looking for a job. I am worried about her being in the care of her elderly grandfather for that long and also that my ex has not told me about her leaving. My main worry is that she has been court ordered that she can not move but is still looking for a job and might attempt to move to another state with my daughter with out notifying me or the court. what is my options to protect my daughter as well as my rights as a father. Thank you for any and all feed back.
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