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  1. We have some resources in our Learn About the Law section that may be helpful for you. We have a Landlord Tenant Law section, which has additional resources such Tenant Rights and Repairs/Maintenance.
  2. Although the child is living in Mexico, but born in the US, then you should be able to follow this process for getting a passport for a minor as provided by a the US State Dept. Here is their page for applying for a child's passort.
  3. More information regarding this employment issue may be found in our Indiana Employment Law section here. If you need more specific help addressing your issue, then you may want to consult with an employment attorney.
  4. Hi JohnDough, We have a great section covering Trusts in our Estate Planning section in our Learn About the Law. Specific information about Living Trusts can be found here. Hope that helps answer some of your questions.
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