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  1. Thanks to one and all that took the time to write. It is difficult to describe the times, distances, etc. etc., I was the one that was involved and was stuck with a lie by the other participant giving totally incorrect information. I appreciate all the efforts on everyone's part. Think I shall stop making right turns on red lights!! Seriously-my deepest gratitude!!
  2. My sincere thank you to those that took the time to read my statement and replied. I fully understand that it is not possible to totally judge an occurence from what I wrote. However, what I am mostly looking for is an extention of the description of Titel 40, Chapter 6, Article t. I shall follow the advice of Poster #1 and try to get more information. The Judge advised me that it would have been wise for me to get an attorney for this case. He/she would have advised me on the legality of a right turn. One learns by mistakes - but having felt that I was in the right (and the car WAS a long way from me) I felt I did not need an attorney nor a jury (yes, they would have permitted me to ask for a jury trial in this case in GA). I thank everyone - it feels good to know that folks are still interested in other people's problems. At the age of 83 (yes I drive and well at that) time, for me, is of the essence - have a wonderful week.
  3. Was involved in acccident while turning right on red (allowed in State of GA) other vehicle was 1/2 block to my left. My turn took 5 seconds? Once on a straight away and starting to accelerate, vehicle (10 seconds before was 1/2 block down the road) came past the left of my car and sheared off the front fender of my car Chrysler 2002 300M. Vehicle (Honda Accord 2009) stopped in front of me, partially on grassy part of sidewalk in front of fire hydrant. Driver got out with cell phone still in use. Totall well. I never touched her car - driver of Honda did damage to mine and also her car (extensively).But I was at fault ending up behind her. She gave false testimony to police. Per accident report I hit her in the intersection and then again in the rear of her car - Later I was able to see full view of rear of her vehicle, no damage at all. After walking around talking on cell phone, not with law, I called 911, someone suggested she take a seat in her car (no air bag in action) and after police arrived she was gingerly lifted into an ambulance. I was given small paper with informationr regarding other party. No ticket. Requested one as I intended to go to court, proving my innocence. Deputy delivered ticket to my residence - "Failure to heed right of way". I requested bench trial (saves money for taxpayers) I felt I was right. Judge informed me that I was guilty per Georgia Law Title 40, Chapter 6, Article 6. (Nowhere could I find any information regarding turn on red light with vehicle coming 1/2 a block away.) Not only did I have to pay $500 deductible per my agreement with my insurance co. but I received only one sheet of paper from the insurance co. informing me of the cost that the "victim" had accumulated, over $7,000 in medical expenses. I was not permitted to find out the cost of damages to her car nor any pictures of the damage. Failed to mention I was fined $50 which was waived (thanked the Judge for a late Mother's Day present). I have nothing against the Judge as I assumed he knew the law - but I cannot find anything in writing that tells me so. Can someone suggest where I might look for the right answer? Don't mind taking the blame if I am at fault but to have to put up with someone lying to a police officer just does not sit well with me. If someone can give me advice? I would be very grateful! AEW
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