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  1. While trying to give a neighbor a copy of survey papers HE had asked for over a year ago, that included an apology letter for having taken so long due to multiple back surgeries, by a disabled 52 year old, 5'6", 145lb white woman,whose house sets behind theirs, this neighbor told her not to come onto his property. She tried to explain as she walked over to the property line but did not cross it, that she had some papers for him that he had asked for. he told her he didn't want them. She then informed him she would mail them to him instead, when he spun around and faced her , pointing at her to stay there he had something for her as well and he ran up to his house. The woman stepped back even further to make sure she was NOT on his property line and on the neighbor's in betweens yard, when he came out and sprinted down to her. He had a black glove on his left hand and was holding another black glove in his right, when she heard the sound of a bullet being chambered and could finally see the 45 cal. in his left hand that was black as well so it wasn't easy to notice since the man is a black man, 6 ft. + and weighs approximately 220+ wearing a black glove that held the gun. He used the other glove to pull the barrel back thereby chambering the bullet and wiping prints off the weapon at the same time. He then informed her to leave, he had called the cops already. Meanwhile 2 witnesses that were at the woman's house in her drive when this happened, were on the phone with police when they saw the gun. They also had partial video tape of him telling her to wait with papers in her hand. The cops came with deputies to his address and the woman was in total shock she was frozen. One police office came to her and asked her what happended and she told him what happened. he then left her standing there and went up the graded hill to where the other law enforcment were at. The woman is also a Diabetic and the heat of sun was starting to get to her as were the shakes starting. Finally the police office came back and asked if she want to press charges and she replied, " I don't know, give me a minute to think...Yes!" this office ignored her and lead her over to her witnesses to get their story as well. Being in a state of PTSD at this time she wrote out her statement, thinking she had put everything down she could think of and was told by this same officer that the Gun Totting Man just wanted to be left alone and she do the same. She told that's all she had ever wanted but now she was terrified for her life as she lives alone behind this man and has to walk 25 ft. from him in his back yard to get to her mailbox. She also informed the officer she had noticed an escalation of anger over the last couple of years and now it's ending with him pulling a loaded gun on HER. HE won't hesitate to pull the trigger the next time he gets angry! The law enforcement told her they would speak to the prosecuting attorney in the morning and each one of them shook this MAN's hand and left. The woman ended up having a Diabetic Shock when she got back into her house. The following morning the woman called the police to speak to the officer that took her statement but he was off that day, so she asked to speak to someone that could tell her if the weapon had been confiscated. After speaking to 3 different officers, she was informed that NO, he still had his gun because he had put it away. She then called the Prosecutor's office and was put on hold 3 times by his secretary and then finally was told he never had a meeting with the officers and never saw any papers on the issue. Seeing that she was getting the runaround she went up to the city administration building and was told that the Prosecutor was also the Law Director of the City and he had lied to her to protect the city because he knew that the police had screwed this up badly. She then found and saved a message from an officer that had stated that there would be no charges against the MAN as he felt threatened by the woman and he had every right to protect his property she was not even on. If she had any questions to call the police station or the prosecutors office. First of all, what threat did this woman do to make him feel afraid? Was he in fear for his life he may get a paper cut?? Why was she treated as if she was the perpetrator and not the victim and why did the police NOT protect and serve. Why did the officer she spoke with tell her that "He went a little overboard" and ignored her wanting to press charges" . Going to the City Safety Director after having a meeting with the Police Chief who informed her that they had told him to put the gun away! Why? So they wouldn't have to confiscate it and find that it's a stolen gun he got from his next door neighbor who just got out of jail for selling stolen guns? Why is it that because she is disabled and has NO money, NOT one attorney will help her and make what is very wrong...RIGHT? Is this situation not considered Agrravated Menacing with Intent, by the State Of Ohio?
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