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  1. I moved in with my fiance in February, We live in Polk County ,Florida -City of Lakeland, She has been renting this place for 3 yrs now I haven't been put on lease yet, And the landlord/Owner doesn't keep up on maintenance at all. We have the following issues: Electric switch covers missing Hole in living room ceiling Paneling on walls coming off Electric plug outlet with no covers Kitchen sink counter top rotting around sink and fixing to fall in. windows leak when it rains. Cockroach infestation. Exposed wires throughout home No working smoke detector. Front entrance door frame damage ****** Worst issue in red******* This is a mobile home !! We have children living here to ages 10, 13, 15 + a 2 yr old grandson. The Cockroach infestation is the main thing that worries me because the kids, Along with all electrical problems. We have told him as well as asked him to repair these issues and it's been 5 months and nothing has been done, He brings a garden sprayer here and tells us to Spray for roaches but the chemical he provides is doing nothing !!! What are my rights ????
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