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  1. Ellemd...Please tell me where on here did I imply I wanted to bash my husband? All I asked was about the car. You took it to a whole other level. You did attack and anyone who would read your comments would most likely agree. But I can tell you're probably the type of person who can never be wrong...so whatever. Ok fallen I will take that into consideration. But I guess what I don't understand is the unhelpful banter. All I asked was if would someone think if I were to remove his car from my house. And I get called petty and vindictive. I don't need the rudeness. And there was attacking....all.you have to do is re read the post on here. I came on here for some advice from people who been there done that.
  2. Adjusterjack...i want to thank you again for your advice. You're the only one who replied intelligently....As for the rest go attack someone else. Looking at other post on here....it's what you do best.
  3. Again I did say I found out on a Facebook page...and I don't care what you believe or not...so you can stop too.
  4. ElleMD....stop. Just stop
  5. Again you did not read earlier post. I did say what state I'm in...and not to worry....i spoke with a lawyer and since my property was given directly to me he has no right to it and I can have his property removed when I give him a notice. So thank you for all your useless help...go pester someone else
  6. You guys did not read my first post...so to stop you from sounding even more silly I will repeat it. He's overseas cheating on me right now....As in right now. I have proof so don't even think to say I'm making it up. I'm here at home working and keeping things going and he's over there blowing money on some girl and cheating on me. How dare you tell me I'm being vindictive! How dare you! I stood by that poor excuse for years! Through some really tough times and he goes overseas and pulls this crap on me! He'll be lucky if towing the car away is all I do to it! So before you post your snooty responses...read everything because your post are making you sound really unintelligent. Again I will repeat this in case someone forgets...i have proof.
  7. Wow...first of all it's my house. My parents gave it to me and his name is not on anything other than the car which is on my property. And second care to explain how I am being "vindictive"? You have no useful information...
  8. Ok I will. One more thing...His car is at my house, will I get in hot water if I want it impounded? I live in OK.
  9. My husband is currently stationed in a reserve unit in Korea and works as a civilian contractor. He left in Jan of this year and the the last I heard from him was Feb. I don't have any information on him as to how to contact him. The military can't seem to locate him at all. And I recently found he has a secret Facebook page and has a girlfriend...what steps can I do to get out of this marriage?
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