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  1. I am in county jail on an agents warrant (no bond) for my first and only violation ever at 4 1/2 out of 5 years of successful probation. For space and time I am including only the bare bones of my issue but if you need more info to help me I'm more than happy to answer. A condition of my probation is that I not have contact with my boyfriend. It was given about 2 years ago because I was not officially divorced from my now ex husband (finalized 17 months ago). The PO that created that condition said when I was divorced, he'd remove it. 5 POs later, he's not even a probation officer anymore and no obw knows except he and I apparently why he gave it to me. He was only my PO for 2 weeks. Anyway, we never stopped seeing each other and lived together for a year before they came to our house and found him there. I'm trying to find out if we get married while I'm in jail, is that a probation violation? I'm in county jail, and not being supervised by probation right now I'm thinking... And if we do get married, will it change things probation-wise? We want to be married anyway... I've been with him for 2 years, no violence/drugs/criminal activity... He has a good job etc... And I didn't leave my ex husband of almost 20 years for him either. My ex and I had been legally separated for almost a year before I met my current man. Not sure if this matters but I'm in Idaho. Thanks
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