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  1. I live in Idaho and have children living in Oregon with their Grandmother. I went to prison in 2007 and gave her parental power of attorney to be able to take care of my kids. While in prison she filed for guardianship. Since this time I have served my time and am no longer involved in any type of legal issues. I have recently found out that my children are not doing well, especially my son. My childrens ages are 13 and 9. Both have said they want to live with me. When I visited I witnessed many things that were not right, and was told that this was nothing, only the tip of the iceberg. My son has been getting into trouble and isnt getting the help that he actually needs. The Grandmother puts on a front to everyone about how well these kids are taken care of. They have everything in clothes etc. but they are being mentally and emotionally abused by being told that I am not their mother, my daughter was a mistake and unwanted, I dont want them, etc. My son is suicidal and is desperate to come home to me. I have no idea what to do. My motherly instincts are to go and take them, but that is not the answer as it would only serve to put me back in prison and my children back with her. I called DHS when she kicked him out in the middle of the night and they said there was no reason to do anything. The Grandmother is very good at manipulating the situation to make it look like she is "perfect". She claims he ran away, the parent of his friend who found him says different along with the fact that his drunk uncle is threatening him about when he gets home. I witnessed the hell my kids are dealing with especially my son. His uncle is constantly intoxicated and she leaves them with him. He puts his hands on him constantly. I feel as if I cant help my kids when I should be able to take them out of this situation. I dont know how to make these people see what is really going on with my son. Or how to keep in contact as she has now shut off the home phone and internet and only kept her cell and makes it very difficult to talk to them because she wants to tear me down in front of my kids and limit the phone calls and what they are allowed to tell me. I NEED HELP!!!
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