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  1. My business partner has been charged with this crime- she left the adult foster home of which she is the DHS licensed Provider and part owner (in Oregon) during the night when she was the duty caregiver, a resident required medical assistance, the police were called, the resident was taken to hospital for the night then returned the next day, my partner was arrested and charged. She did not contest the charge. A court date has been set for next month. It seems that the charge with its felony classification and 5 year jail term is unnecessarily harsh for this particular situation. 1. Are there minimum sentencing requirements for this charge? 2. Is there any chance of getting the charge reduced to the misdemenour "Criminal Mistreatment in the Second degree" before or at her court appearance? 3. If so how to go about accomplishing this? and 4. What is the sentencing range for the "Criminal Mistreatment in the Second degree" Charge?
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