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  1. I agree with previous posters. You need a local attorney. Do not try and deal with the ATF (or any government agency) on your own.
  2. I agree, report this to the police.
  3. Yes, as previously noted, the ATF can use family members as informants.
  4. Are you being represented in a class action or as an individual?
  5. No, there's not. And as pointed out already, you can sue in civil court and that's it.
  6. I'm sorry, your question is very confusion. "Canal"? Can you please restate in simpler terms. It sounds on the surface like you are asking for advice to do something illegal but you need to provide a clearer description of what you are looking to achieve and how.
  7. I agree with my colleague. Your recourse is to file a complaint with HHS>
  8. It's really hard to decipher this post. Can you break it down in a few short bullets? Just the facts and be clear about your question
  9. It depends on the state and the type of firework
  10. I agree with my colleagues. She needs to visit the consulate and apply for a visa.
  11. Check out my video on

  12. He does not have to give up his time. I suggest re-negotiating an agreement where you and your ex both get equal time to take vacations and alternate your Holidays.
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