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  1. Hello, My (single, divorced) Mother recently passed away in Tennessee, after being diagnosed with Last Stage Cancers & 2 surgeries all within 6 weeks. I am the Oldest Daughter of 4 children. During her last 2 or so months of her life, she Verbalized to Many Family & Friends that her Wishes were for Oldest Brother to inherit 60%, of which 25% he would give to me as needed for a home & healthcare. The other 40% was to go to Youngest Brother. Little Sister was to receive Nothing. I believe Older Brother & Younger Brother were to be co-Executors of the Estate. A 5 year old will was found, and everything in it is different from what Mom Expressed to Everyone before she died. In that will, Older Brother will have a Trust for me of 11%, to pay out, invest, hold, or whatever he wants with it. The rest of the Estate is divided in Percentages to my 3 siblings and 2 of Mom's grandchildren. Is there Any way to Enforce her Verbal Will? Older Brother and (supposed to be dis-inherited) Little Sister started Probate and are Co-Executors of the Estate, totally against Mom's wishes. Mom literally did not have the physical ability to write a new will, for she got deathly ill, had 2 surgeries, was lucid but could barely say our names in such a short period of time. Any and All Help or Further Questions are Very Much Appreciated!!! Thanks!
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