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  1. I’m actually writing this for my daughter. She hired on with a small company 4 months ago. Last week she became ill and went to a specialist Doctor who took her off work for 5 days. My daughter contacted the company and provided them with the letter the Doctor wrote on her behalf. Ok, thank God it wasn’t too serious as the Doctor first thought! So my daughter returns to work on the day she was due back and see’s someone new sitting at her desk. She inquired as to who this person was and come to find out the company placed an ad the day my daughter went out sick. She went directly to the owner and he played dumb saying he knew nothing. Mind you that there isn’t nearly enough work even for one person so hiring an additional employee to do the same work is crazy. My daughter went on the site that the company placed the ad and printed it out. That’s how she knew they placed it the same day she went out sick. My daughter hasn’t ever been wrote up for anything and has learned this particular position rapidly. She’s seriously thinking that she’s going to be let go. Is it legal for a company to fire an employee due to being out sick? Remember she had a detailed Doctor note. Any info would be so appreciated. And please be nice!
  2. I’d be mad as well. There must be some type of code enforcement that prevents this woman from living in her motor home that interferes with you’re home. Asking you to turn off your porch light is so nervy. i, like you, live in California and I know that my neighbors aren’t allowed to park their motor homes on the street for longer than three days. They can certainly park it on their side yard though. I would certainly contact the Parking Enforcement as well as seeking out city codes. This isn’t a “home” and shouldn’t infringe on you!
  3. Your nowhere near being inpatient. 2 months? That's unreasonable for sure. Here's what I see. The grocery chain where this horrific event took place is hoping that you'll simply go away and not pursue a claim against them. Why don't you seek out a different attorney to handle your claim? Does it have to be this attorney who is ignoring you? Absolutely send them a final notice via registered mail (so you know they received it) and demand that you be updated on everything that has unfolded--and if nothing has unfolded then your definitely going to seek out another attorney. Don't wait!! It really sounds like they're giving you the runaround. You need to be your own advocate and get this going! The grocery chain should of certainly gotten hold of you by now. Like I said--they want you to go away since they only see dollar signs!
  4. Your neighbor sounds like she's not planning on putting up the fence any time soon. You've already been patient for a month and now I'd approach her with a deadline. Is this a good neighbor fence? I take that it separates your properties? What if you had pets that needed to be safe & sound while in your backyard? Seriously, I'd approach her and put it in writing that a deadline is in place and that perhaps she should hire a contractor to put the fence up if her feet hurt. I understand that you must live next door to this idiot but enough is enough. You may have to take her to small claims court if she continues to refuse to put the fence up. Would it help if maybe you offered to help her put the fence up? I mean anything to get your privacy and a sound mind back! Keep us updated! Good luck.
  5. That's true. I did meet with my mothers attorney and my mother left a handwritten note saying that she supported my brother during his 24 year incarceration as well as spending $75,000 for a criminal defense attorney prior to him being convicted and she felt that he got his.
  6. I met with my mom's attorney yesterday and my mother did put it in writing that she wasn't leaving my brother anything. She did share a specific reason. I miss my mom so much but certainly wish she hasn't of left me with this mess. The attorney is sending my brother a copy of the will and a letter on her letterhead stationary. Thank you for your response.
  7. My Son-in-law put down $10,000 dollars on a big rig truck to be used for work. Within 2 weeks the truck broke down and required an abundance of expensive labor & parts. He purchased the truck from a dealership that is being very uncooperative. Is there any course of action he can take to recoup at least his down payment? What is the lemon law in California and does it apply to big rig trucks? Thanks everyone!
  8. I have an appointment with the attorney who made up the will with my mother. I know the will exists because my mother told me so as did the attorney. I uncovered that I don't need the original (though I would prefer to be in possession of the original) copy to proceed with the legalities of her will. Luckily, the attorney will guide me through the necessary steps to assure that everything is done correctly. The sad part is that I already know that my brother will never have anything to do with me once he uncovers what is in the will. That causes me great sadness.....but I didn't create the will. My mother did.
  9. My mother passed away 2 weeks ago. She did have a will made out by an attorney a couple years ago but thus far I haven't been able to locate it. I've called her attorney to request a copy of the will and am awaiting her response. After my mother made out her will she told me that she was leaving me everything. Here's the bad part. I have an older brother and my mother excluded him from the will completely. She apparently had her reasons (which I won't go into here). My question is as follows: Can my brother contest the will simply because he was left out? He's questioned me about his share of the money already and since I haven't actually seen the will I haven't told him anything. Thank you in advance.
  10. That's insane to put a lock on the fridge! I'd seriously be looking for another place to rest my head! You mentioned that he'd do something if you cut the lock off. Is he violent? As far as your legal rights go-if you signed a lease with Mr. Crazy I'd think that would be grounds for you to break the lease. If I were in your shoes I'd have a serious talk with this crazy roommate as well as get the biggest bolt cutters I could find and snap that lock right off that shared fridge! Then if you must stay there I'd purchase a deadbolt for my bedroom door! Mr. Crazy (aka:your roommate) may retaliate in ways you isn't see coming. Also, document everything in case you must involve law enforcement. Sorry this is unfolding in your life!
  11. My heart hurts for you! I can only imagine your frustration and anger at having such idiots live next to you. I, like you, live in the Bay Area so i know picking up and leaving is difficult situation since its so expensive to do so in our area. I would certainly contact Animal Control in your area and tell them of the abuse to your dog and theirs as well. I doubt the Police will do anything since they'll tell you its a civil matter. They are generally little help anyway! Good luck to you friend.
  12. Hi everyone. Thanks for your responses. Let me answer the questions. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. The only reason I'm involved in this is because my mom is sick. The stipulations were she was to pay my mom back if she remarried OR sold the house she was living in at the time. I said many years ago because I'm uncertain of the exact date but I know its been 20 years or so. The borrower doesn't have any money to speak of. I ask if this is worth our trouble because if it is pursued it could hinder my relationship with my niece & nephew since its their mother who borrowed the money. I know California has a statue of limitations of 4 years hence my question if its worth going to small claims court. This is a situation that my mother has left in my hands. Thank you everyone.
  13. It truly sounds like a your living a nightmare. I'm so sorry for you having to endure the likes of these idiots. It sounds as though they don't have much of a life if they can take so much time to bother you. I think you've done everything right. As far the Police investigating this I doubt it will be a priority to them. They are in possession of the evidence and unless you continue to be pro-active I don't think it will amount to much. Again, I'm so sorry for your living situation. If moving is not an option I don't know what to tell you. Life is too short to be dealing with this type of bullshit.
  14. My mom, who is 88 yrs. old, loaned an ex family member $10,000 some years ago. The stipulation in the promissory note was that she would have to pay my mother back when 1.) She sold her house she was living in at the time 2.) She remarried. Both of those things have happened. My mother wrote her a letter when she sold her house and all she received in return was a nasty letter (of course, it contained no money!). It's been many years but it has bothered my mom greatly. My question is: Does she have a leg to stand on? Could we possibly pursue in small claims court? Is it worth our time & energy to even go after her? I know she doesn't have any money to speak of. Thank you everyone.
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