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  1. We are told that a police dog "hit" on the package durring a sweep of the shipping facility.
  2. In the Product X versus Product Y analogy, though, the police would in not be entitled to it, I would think. It would either belong to the buyer or the seller. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks for replying. What sort of client (i.e., what's your profession)? I am a pretty new attorney, primarily family law. I don't really understand the question. Did your client purchase the item believing there would be a large amount of cash inside it? If not, why would you think he'd have any rights to it? He did not know there was going to be cash in it. He does want the item returned. I am not sure what his rights are as to the money, that is why I am asking about it. I would make the analogy to buying a painting and discovering that it was far more valuable than the buyer or seller realized. The painting would still belong to the buyer I would think. I am looking for any authority on the topic.
  4. I have a client that made a purchase online. During shipping the police aparrently intercepted the item and discovered a large amount of cash inside of the item and siezed it. The poolice are holding the cash and the item that was purchased as evidence, apparently believing to be drug related. Does anyone know of authority on the clients rights to the cash?
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