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  1. Tax_Counsel... Thankyou! You are exactly right.. that is exactly what the police and sheriff's department relayed to me! Now..... I cannot afford the out- of - state rates that the attorneys down there are trying to charge me.. I need to do this myself. I do not know.. cannot find.. dont know where to start looking... what is the (appropriate paperwork..).. there is no form that says give my child back.. i have custody.. i need the correct LEGAL terminology to begin my search for the correct form to file into the courts down there.. I contact Nebraska District Court.. they are not allowed to tell me the form either.. someone out there knows what i need to file.. without me paying a lawyer 2,500 dollars to file a petition on my behalf.
  2. Please review my post. It's in reguards to Nebraska Law/ and custodial interferance issues. Thanks

  3. Ok. So thru all the post I have concluded that I need to start climbing the ladder of law enforcement and hold off on filing some sort of petition in juvinile court. I will start there then. ( yea.. pg1067.. your right.. the weird marital situation will be the next thing that bites me from behind.. thanks for the heads up... I will get that taken care of also.) Thanks,
  4. Ok, no the father has as much custody as I do. The child was born thru a valid marriage. We are still married although we do not live together. We have not lived together for several years. (12) although we have never proceded with a divorce. I have raised the kids on my own for the most part. I still have contact with him... so I guess Is there something that the father could do to help??
  5. Right.. and I was looking for some sort of simple answer..( for my self-help quest).. like "just go file this in the NE courts.. and she will have to return him". It should not be this complicated... it really shouldn't.
  6. Funny. I did that. I showed them a birth certificate. I showed them where i had documentation of Revocation of Power of Attorney (so he could go to school).. I had all that... they said civil.. the sheriff office said no way they wont get involved. The only half A** assistance I got was from the police department in my town who told me to file a " Custodial Interferance " paper.. and they would process it. She said they are so back logged and that children are at the bottom of the priority list.. Hint.. hint.. ( memphis #1 for major and domestic crimes.).. I guess I will start with the Nebraska police department.. again.. it just seems like that is a dead end.. they were so stubborn and not helpful.. they just simply said we will not get involved. So now 1000 dollars later.. of rental cars and traveling and gas.and a room. i still do not have my child.
  7. Ted.. Nebraska Revised Statute 43-1312.01(1) If the permanency plan for a child established pursuant to section 43-1312 does not recommend return of the child to his or her parent: (a) The child is a juvenile who has been adjudged to be under subdivision (3)(a) of section 43-247; ( The child has been in the placement for at least six months; © The child consents to the guardianship, if the child is ten years of age or older; and (d) The guardian: (i) Is suitable and able to provide a safe and permanent home for the child; (ii) Has made a commitment to provide for the financial, medical, physical, and emotional needs of the child until the child reaches the age of majority or until the termination of extended guardianship assistance payments pursuant to section 43-4511 or 43-4514;
  8. Right I understand your confusion. Father is in Washington DC. No real contact. My sister stayed with me in NE for 5 years.. I moved down to Memphis.. and that summer.. (couple months later she called.). We have always stayed together.. until the last couple of years... I really didn't think that it would be a problem. The police said that I would have to prove that I have full custody in court. I just dont know what to file... where to file.. and how in the heck it is possible for her to refuse to return him and that's OK..?????? Why am I facing having to spend 2500 down for an attorney to get MY son whom I have sole custody. I have 6 more children in my care now.. I am a full time working single mother... all i am asking for is some guideance as to what i am supposed to do now.
  9. I stay in Tennessee with my children. My sister who resides in Nebraska ask me if she could take my son ( 14) up there for the summer because her son (14) was having issues with the kids and making friends. I said fine, she came to TN and got him. Then she called and begged me to let him go to school up there because he and her son were doing so well. So I said ok. I called and talked and talked to him all the time, sent money, sent his B-day gift, normal mother stuff. In April I told my sister that I would be down for the 4th of July to pick him up for my 3 day weekend. June 26th ... i havent heard from her since. I went to NE as planned. She have packed the house and the kids and moved. The neighbor said they left about a week before. Went to her job. She called the police. I talked to the police. They talked to her. They said custody / civil. *the law states in NE that anyone caring for a child for 6 months makes them a guardian and since he has been in NE for over 6 months i have to file (something ) in NE saying return my child. ( i think) I do not have lawyer money first of all. I dont think this should be so complicated. I just need some advise as to where I should begin looking as to what I should file.. and in what court... TN or NE.>? Thanks in advance
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