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  1. QUESTION: Am I eligeble for child support payments from the date the father walked out until the date prior to the start of the court ordered child payments? HISTORY: My divorce is almost complete & I have a quesiton reguarding back child support based on the following timeline of information: Sep 4, 2012: Father walked out the house without prior notifcation. Jan 6, 2013: Father served divorce papers. Jun 1, 2014 is the date on divorce papers indictating the start of child support payments. NOTE(s) 1. We had a settlement conferance on April 10, 2014. The father did want to pay any back child support and has not paid any since the day he walked out. 2. I went to the local child support office and they could not help me because of the pending divorce process. 3. I have a lawyer that has not been too helpful in getting answers to my question. Thank you in advance for your answers to my question. PAW1966
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