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  1. The estate is worth about 600,000. The family is trying to make an agreement out of court. My question is; What is a common fee for an executor in a case of this nature? The will states that assets contained on or in properties and structures go with that property to the person who has been awarded the said property and structure. For example, To my son I leave the homestead including contents.
  2. Was there in fact was a question posted on July 11th. Please read
  3. Please see my July 8 and July 11th posts stating whom the blog is from pg1067. Please read and then give an answer please.
  4. adjusterjack and pg1067, I think I have answered your questions, and am waiting for a reply.
  5. He is charging his mothers estate over twenty-five thousand dollars. Each of the three beneficiares in the will would pay one third of this amount. The three beneficiares consist of the PR, his son and brother.
  6. Letters of Testamentary have been issued to the chosen executor named in the will. The PR is also one of the beneficiaries of the will. The will states that personal property inside any of the homes, or structures being willed belong to the named beneficiaries who were awarded these buildings and properties. The PR is asking for a full five percent of the estate, across the board for both tangible and liquid assets. Please help!
  7. Thank you for asking! I guess my question is more like, where do I start? I guess maybe, I need to contact the attorney who is handling probate to set a hearing for a review of the executor fee. Not real sure of that since, at this point, we are trying to handle this estate without going to court. Am I right in thinking that once the judge reviews the fee, we would be obligated to accept whatever fee the Judge sees as fair?
  8. The will is uncontested. The executor wrote 19 checks for bills. There will be no inventory or auctions. The only beneficiaries are my brother the executor, his son and myself.The will has named all items and how they are to be distributed. John, the executor is asking for 5%. This executor fee seems excessive. Code of Alabama Section 43-2-848 reads... A personal representative is entitled to reasonable compensation for services as may appear to the court to be fair considering such factors that may include, but are not limited to, the novelty and difficulty of the administrative process, the skill requisite to perform the service, the likelihood that the acceptance of the particular employment will preclude other employment, the fee customarily charged in the locality for similar services, the amount involved and the results obtained, the requirements imposed by the circumstances and condition of the estate...which shall no exceed two and one-half percent of the value of all property received and under the possession and control of the personal representative and two and one-half percent of all disbursements. Does that mean two and one half percent of the value of the estate? If I ask for a review of the compensation of the personal representative by the Judge, what would I be required to do next?
  9. What is a fair fee for the personal representative of a simple, uncontested estate, involving two close family members?
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