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  1. The girl ran into the hotel by the time the cop arrived. The cop stated if she had been behind the wheel of the car when he arrived he could have ticketed her for accident and lack of insurance coverage.
  2. Thank you both for your responses, I feel the same way you do, she is ultimately responsible for her actions. I am certainly all in for filing this matter in small claims court. I am aware that she will probably not pay if judgement is granted, however if she has a judgement issued against her, could she have possible issues with license or insurance coverages down the road? I'm not familiar with small claims court proceedings or exactly what proof or documentation would be best to support my claim so I have some research to do. I appreciate any and all of the input, knowledge, and information you all have to share thank you.
  3. I rented a car for my son to take on vacation. He is covered through our/his personal auto insurance. A friend had left her purse in the car trunk earlier and asked my son if she could have the keys to go get her purse out of the car trunk. When she went to go get her purse she also decided to take the car to the store. As she was backing up she hit a divider and damaged the car. My son called the police to have a report filed, mainly because she did not have permission to drive the car. The officer got her license and she is listed on the report as the driver of the accident. Now my insurance company is refusing to pay for any damages because this girl was an unauthorized driver on my rental contract. So I contacted this girl, sent her copies of the costs and explained she is responsible for damages. Of course now this girl is refusing to pay for damages and claiming my son allowed her to drive the car. Note: She was also uninsured at the time of the accident. There were 2 other people at this hotel that witnessed the girl saying she was going to get something out of the trunk, and that my son did not give her permission to drive the car. I have never met or know this girl, she is 22. Her mother claims that I (the renter) am in breech of my rental contract because my son gave her permission to drive this car. My son is not the renter only I am listed on contract. How do I handle this situation? I never listed this girl as a driver, have never met her, she is not even a close friend of my son, just an acquaintance, but she decided on her own to drive the car. Any advice is welcome. Costs of damages are $750.00. With her being uninsured at the time, could that hold any legal recourse for her actions?
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