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  1. I live in Middletown, CT above a family of bad neighbors. So bad in fact, that the month-to-month extension on their lease runs out tonight and will not be continued for July. And since they've put in no discernible effort to move (the basement and garage are both still filled with their possessions) it looks like they're staying for a while regardless. I have a question about our rights, as legal tenants, while the landlord works to sort this out: can they continue to park in our shared driveway? Equal access to the driveway by all tenants is stipulated in the lease. They go out of their way to deny us use of the driveway, either by parking at the very entrance or having their friends park their cars in the driveway when they aren't around. And yes, the landlord is aware of their parking habits, as it's been going on for months now; it's one of the many complaints we've lodged. I'm looking for general advice or opinions besides “go conult a lawyer.” The state maintained website only covers disputes between tenants and landlords or between property owners. Thanks for any insight.
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