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  1. Like I said, I was just trying to get any info on the situation that I could. I didn't realize there was a jury on find law!? Thank you all for your opinions. Dave will get it figured out.
  2. Ok. Please tell me how he IS NOT Mike's employee....Dave didn't know Mike from Adam until his friend introduced them. He did somework on Mike's car. He likes tinkering with cars. Mike took him to his burnt house.(Maybe just to play on his sympathy?) Mike told Dave of his situation then ASKED Dave to help him with the house. how is that NOT Mike HIRING Dave? Dave has been retired for a few years and was not out actively seeking employment...Mike approached Dave. Mike created the 'lone worker' situation when he got rid of the other workers, knowing full well Dave would not just walk away. What were all the other workers? Also not employed by Mike? He hired every one of them and has paid them all in CASH since the beginning. Framers, roofers, sheetrock hangers, mudders, plumbers, electricians... That,at this point, is my only question needing answered.... HOW ARE DAVE AND THE OTHER 10 OR 12 GUYS WHO MIKE BROUGHT TO WORK ON HIS HOUSE NOT EMPOYEES OF MIKES? I'm beginning to think Mike PLANNED this accident - as other things are coming to light. My personal opinion is that Mike should do SOMETHING for Dave... what ever it may be...instead of acting like he doesn't exist andscrambling to hire others to help finish his house. Thanks again.
  3. <br />I appologize-I am actually the good friend's girlfriend-and was trying to get some idea of what to do to help Dave.I was GUESSINGat details and have been told what info I posted was TOTALLY wrong-Dave is NOT and has never BEEN a licenced contractor. He's just been in the industry for more than half his life,as a workerand foreman on many jobs.<br /><br />Mike's home was set on fire by two men who broke in and murdered<br />his girlfriend of 30 years. (TRUE STORY)<br />(in attempt to get rid of any evidence)<br /><br />Mike's best friend hired Dave to work on a few of his cars-This is how they met-the friend told Mike that Dave has been in<br />construction for many years- Mike hired Dave to work on his car, they hit it off, became close - Mike told Dave his sad story and took Dave to see the home-Dave had an overwhelming desire to helphim.(Mike was renting a place for almost a year after the murder and thought he couldn't afford to do anything with his home afterhe'd paid an Architect for plans to be made and saw what it wouldcost to get the job done) Dave walked thru the house with him, looked at the plans,then offered to help any way he could. Mike asked if he'd 'oversee' the work on the house-as he couldn't afford to hire a 'licensed' contractor and would do most the workhimself. Dave agreed to help in THAT capacity and did so, advising Mike, making sure things were done right and inspectionswould pass. Mike obtained his Owner/Builder permit on his own. Mike asked Dave about friends he had in construction-wanting helpwith the work-Dave introduced Mike to several friends-whom Mike then hired to do various jobs on his home.<br /><br />Apparently, Mike was worried he'd run out of money before house got done and began "laying off" everyone. All the way down to Dave and one other person.(my boyfriend - who only worked a few days more - then quit)<br /><br />That is how Dave ended up doing work and by not wanting to leave his friend hanging, stood by Mike in effort to get the house finished. Only problem there was, Mike wouldn't show up to work. The day Dave got hurt...Mike was suppose to meet Dave and get thebeams up together...he didn't show up.<br /><br />Dave did not put up the scaffolding that collapsed. It had been in use at the job and errected by another worker.<br /><br />This is the way it went - whether or not this changes your opinions about who's at fault - ??<br /><br />I was way off in describing the issue in an attempt to find out what could be done(in a hurry)and was shocked at all three replies to my post!<br /><br />Thank you for your honest opinions, however.<br /><br />
  4. My good friend(Dave)commited to do the complete construction remodel work for a new friend(Mike)whom he met and immediately wanted to help due to his situation...Dave has been in construction industry for over 30 years, but is no longer a licensed contractor, so offered his services at half price to help out his new friend. The job required permits, and permits required either WC ins. or owner verification that none was needed. He filed the permit claiming he was Owner/Builder and would be doing the work himself. The job has been going on for many months, during which several of Dave's friends have also been hired for work at the house. Mike never changed the permit info to reflect Dave or the other workers as being on the job. Dave worked like a dog for this new friend, 10 hour days,7 days a week since job started...as the major work was about wrapped up, Mike decides he can't afford any helpers for Dave, leaving him to try and complete what's left alone. This was going fine, until the other day, when Dave was trying to get a 14 ft beam up (alone) when the scaffolding colapsed beneath him. He fell 15 ft to the ground with everything falling on top of him. He laid there for an hour before he was able to crawl to the garage for his phone, where he called 911 and me. Mike has been paying Dave cash every week for his services, yet now that he knows he is injured and in hospital, is avoiding paying wages and avoiding all of our calls. I am certain there IS NO WC Insurance, is a personal injury suit his only remedy? (His left leg bones from just below the knee down to his ankle are SHATTERED.He is in the hospital with giant metal sticking thru his leg awaiting surgery,unable to walk and being told by the surgeon there's a 50% chance he could lose his foot.) This guy is acting like NOTHING happened-like he just turned the page-Dave? Dave who? This CAN'T be legal!!! Any suggestions?
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