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  1. Hire an attorney is good advice. Called one of the largest firms representing employment issue's in Cleveland, didn't want to touch it. Anyone know of a firm that wants to take on the Cleveland Catholic Dioceses?
  2. Just returned from a meeting with the President and Treasurer and "they" are going to pay me the comp. time, which amounts to 6 weeks. Cut my full-time position to 15 hours a week. I will not have health care or pension benefits.
  3. I have worked for a not for profit (private school) as an hourly employee (secretary). Over the last 24 months I have accumulated over 300 comp. hours-(comp. time recorded each pay-period on time sheet). No lunch break, 1 hour lunch is paid per company policy, straight 8 to 14 hour days. Other secretaries (also hourly) in another division work 7 get paid for 8, recently they started being paid for anytime over 80. In the beginning of my employment my Supervisor said I would be able to take time off with pay, this has not happened. I have requested time-off with pay due to an illness and am using sick-time and vacation time. My question is; Did I work for free and will never see the comp. time paid? Checked with an employment law firm but got the run-around, not a big enough case for their time.
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