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  1. Hello, Recently I purchased a new car and traded my old car in. The dealership did not have the car on their lot that I signed the contract for, so I was provided a rental until the car was set to be delivered two days later to my home. By the 3rd day I hadn't heard from the dealership so I contacted them and was told that they would call me the next day. Finally on the 4th day I was advised that the car I signed the contract for was sold to another customer. The dealer was unable to locate the color vehicle that I originally wanted, so I provided a 2nd color option and they couldn't locate that one either. After going back and forth for a few hours, I finally decided that I wanted my original car back (the dealer still has it on their lot). The dealer does not want to give the car back since I "signed a contract", but that contract is VOID in my opinion since the car I signed for has been sold. In the meantime I've contacted their Consumer Affairs Office to file a complaint, and I am waiting for a call back from their Regional Office. Does anyone have experience in this, and if so, what are my options?
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