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  1. I was pulled over for suspected DUI and the officer searched me and found that I had $950 in my pocket. He then told me that he would let me go and if I wanted to pick up the money tomorrow with proof of how I earned it , that I can also pick up my DUI ticket. Basically costed me $950 to avoid possible DUI conviction. For the most part, police have a hard job but there are always sour apples in the bunch. Sounds like one of the officers that searched your house missed they're classes in ethics. They're out there. File a complaint at the department because there are good cops out there that want to weed out the bad......
  2. Your concern should be if there is anyone that will testify in court that you had the shovel, if they had a friend with them they would have a corroborating witness, which will put the shovel in your hand as good as any DNA would. The victim would say that it was in your hand too.
  3. In Washington state. Will talk to an attorney later today. Was just trying to find out if this was serious or a ploy to get me to inform. My other brother is a prosecutor in Seattle, but he wasn't home for advice. Thank you for the input, I'll get a lawyer behind me and go talk to them formally. See if they are going to push this and charge me or leave it alone.
  4. As said before, my brother owns the ammo. Have 2 questions for you- 1) Can I get convicted with the feds and then go to jail again if the state picks it up. Doesn't double jeopardy come into play?- 2) Isn't there 3 types of possession charges- unlawful possession - dominion , or constructive possession, & unwitting possession? Is having ammo the same as having a firearm, regarding felon in possession.
  5. Thank you, that was helpful. After my earlier post I called my old probation officer and he said that the bullets were found in the neighboring apartment, which was where I came out of. They arrested me for noncompliance ( didn't check in) and after that, they looked in the apartment and saw a speed loader for a 38 caliber, had 6 bullets in it. I thought the whole time it was found in my apartment. My brothers statement was made because it was his bullets in the apartment next door, his ex-wife lives there, the bullets in backpack weren't the issue. Can they charge me if I didn't know the bullets were there? Would that fall under- unwitting possession or constructive possession? Doesn't seem right, that every room/house I walk in could be a possible felony. I am dumbfounded as to why the ATF got involved. They want me to work for them- buy guns from people I know that have felonies, drugs too. I have been clean for 3 years and this would put me back in the problematic lifestyle that I finally escaped from. I'm not going to do it, otherwise I wouldn't have said anything...... I thank you again for your input.
  6. My family owns the apartments, which are out in the country. My brother uses the range on the property, I use it for archery. I have an iguana as a pet so when I'm gone he takes care of him. I came back early and he had a box of ammo on his backpack or suitcase. I just called my old probation officer and he said that they found the ammo in the neighboring apartment, which was where I came out of.
  7. They did find bullet proof vests in my apartment too, but my friend who works at the Sheriff's department left them at my place. They believed me on that. I had books on the history of the world wars and the vests, I don't have a clue as to why the ATF got involved.
  8. I didn't say a word. My brother made a statement after I was taken to jail for not reporting to my PO.
  9. They were my brothers, which he made a statement to that affect. I had just got home and did not have a clue that they were there. They were next to my brothers suitcase because he was going home. My family told the police that I had just got home.
  10. My brother was watching my apartment when I was away. When I came back the police were talking to me about a complaint and noticed a box of bullets on the floor. My brother filled out a statement that they were his and not mine ( I'm a felon ). Later an AFT agent came by and said that I could be charged in federal court. unless I help him, which will bring harm to my family. My question is, am I liable?? Why didn't they charge me locally?? Is it because they don't have a case?? I'm in school and don't need this BS, I did not, at any time, possess or touch the box of bullets, hence no finger prints were found. Please help me with this, somebody, anybody!!!
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