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  1. Looking at a home to purchase(Sept20) in South Carolina. Walking in yard & fell into a 10" or so hole that was not filled in, just new sod laid over top. I went down then rolled, twisting my shoulder & back. I'm a senior so I got pretty banged up. We found several more holes in the same yard & also took pics. I told the salesman & my realtor. Neither saw because they were late getting there but I did show the hole. Who is responsible for my medical bills? My injuries have not healed & in a great amount of pain. Should I seek an attorney? thank you
  2. I'm pretty sure there's not much you can do.....probate is state by state & Ohio has some crazy probate laws. How can she be executor if nothing was filed & why wasn't it? Too bad sister so greedy, talk with a probate lawyer. You can probably get a judgment for your share but collecting may be another story. This is nothing new, its the "little red hen" story. Since she has everything, getting her to sign to sell may also be a problem. Again talk with a lawyer. Usually the oldest or a couple of siblings are co-executors .....odd this one was choosen when she lives so far away.
  3. sorry. House was listed with realtor, didn't sell. realtor wants to re-list it & hire an auctioneer to auction it off within a month. My question: I would have to pay realtor fees & auctioneer fees if I re-list with her? Realtor doesn't appear to know...or doesn't want to answer me.
  4. Realtor wants me to relist a inherited house so she can auction it off...don't understand. Why do I have to pay a realtor fee & auctioneer fee? Or doe the realtor pay the auctioneer?
  5. How do I find out if my other siblings signed the will? If sister can get a judgement against me, can she get my husbands out of state bank accounts (my name not on accts)? Or anything we own out of state?
  6. 2nd ATTORNEY: Fight it. It would never have been her money, she is wasting her time. Only 2 names appeared...mine & dads which fell off as soon as he passed. Anything I did before he passed using POA does not matter. He was alive, it was his money to do with as he wished. She is now threatening me with 'prison time' for whatever. My attorney says she must take me to court first....not have me arrested. If the judgement is against me.....she can put a lien on my share of any property I have but only my share not my husbands. I have not heard anything legally from her for 3 months but I look to soon. She will not give up. Still refusing to pay his medical expenses. My attorney has filed for re-imbursement.
  7. Most certainly, daughter in law & myself are willing to testify. Thank you all for the comments.
  8. Friend we'll call Jane. Jane was robbed at her home. When she gave her deposition, she said Tvs & DVD player and a little cash was taken (all true) but she lied about the jewelry. She put it in a bag, gave it to her son to hide & filed a claim for $100,000 because it was insured. She received the insurance money. Jane's daughter in law found the jewelry in son's drawer a few months later, called Jane's husband who picked the jewelry up. No one appears to know what Jane's husband did with the jewelry. I was very close to this friend, she admitted to lying & in no way sorry. She also testified to that fact in court. It was her word against the robber. Robber got 8 yrs in prison. This was in Ohio. It is not fair to send someone to prison for items he did not take regardless who it is. Yes, I thought about sheriff. But would they care about the insurance? Anyone have any suggestions? This is so unfair, its insurance fraud as far as I am concerned. this is why our premiums are so high, we have to pay for cheaters. Not evil sister in Florida.
  9. Robbed but lied about what was taken & turned it in a claim & was paid by insurance. Said $100,000 in jewelry taken but she put it in a bag & gave to her son to hide. It was found by daughter in law & given to the husband. How can I find out which company reimbursed her or who/how to I turn her in Ohio? She testified to it in court also.
  10. Rec'd copy of court order for copies of savings account statements per her attorney.
  11. thank you for all your comments. I thought of calling the local police in Florida but she can produce prescript, just not enough to cover all the pills she has. Maybe a couple police cars in driveway will scare someone into doing more....it would not scare her. I will look into the website though.
  12. Xanax & sleeping pills. She used to get at least 2 doctors prescriptions which means she got more than she needed. Now, pharmacy goes into the computer, sees what she already has, calls 2nd doc & prescription is cancelled. She orders online but still gets prescriptions filled. By 7:30, she's passing out & sleeps for 12 to 15 hrs. She's a mess, no one sees her. Not even her dad as he was dying nor did she attend funeral. She moved away from her kids so she chooses when to see them which isn't often & when she does very unpleasant. Very selfish and she has plenty of money & never had to work. Intervention does not work, when she fights back husband stops it. I thought of turning her in to possibly save her life.
  13. With computers, doctor shopping is no more. Is it legal to buy 'extra' drugs online? Is it legal to buy these drugs from outside US shipping into the states?
  14. Our family just found out another member stole my mom's social security number and opened many credit cards using mom's name & ss# but her own address so mom wouldn't find out. This happened about 20 years ago. Mom has passed & don't know if she knew. My question is: Is there a statue of limitations to ID theft? If not, how would I go about finding the information like which cards, exact amounts, dates, etc? She made no attempt to pay anything. Not one dime. This happened in Ohio & after she ran up about $35,000, no one has seen her. Over the years, we've heard she's in Holmes county living with someone. She's never worked so we can't trace her that way.
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