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  1. I have two questions. I was in a wreak and my car had to be towed. I went to where it was towed and everything was still in my car. When the Insurance Company for the guy was @ fault everything had been removed. There were a lot of things missing. I have to sign the title over before they will send me a check. Is there anything I can do? Also, my company denied my medical leave because I needed 1,400 hours and I have 1,082. The problem is everyone is part time. I have been tried to for two years in a row to get Medical Insurance and have been denied coverage because you have to have at least 20 hours to get it and they said I averaged 18 hours a week. If you take 18 x 52 weeks it comes to 926 hours a year. So how could I ever make the 1,450 hours to get leave? Thank you.
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