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  1. For eight years I have exceled at my job at a bank. I have had sales awards and been a employee any company word be glad to have. Last summer we had a part time employee hired. From the start I new it was not going to work out. She gave the branch a daily up date on her sex life with graphic details. After weeks of trying to just work away from her area... I asked her to please be more productive and find other topic to talk about. My manager worked off sight and was never around to hear or see what was going on. The employee told me I was jealous of her and started in on me. I was working with name calling like "evil" and having my Christian faith shot down being called names behind my back . I took it to my manager in need of direction to handle this. My hair was falling out in clumps and I wasn't sleeping. My manager rolled her eyes and told me she would get back to me. This never happened. A year has passed , I have now lost my job, my manager has been made to step down and the employee who made my life hell has lost her job. Do I have any recourse for the stress, tears and panic attacks I now have over this?
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