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  1. Pg says the below statement. I'm not sure I understand how this could ever be taken in a positive way. While the wording could mean many things as Pg says I can't come up with anything that wouldn't raise a red flag in an employment interview if known. Can anyone give me a positive spin for these "negative words" so that I can be ready in an interview? Saying that you were fired for "discharged for unacceptable and improper conduct" unquestionably isn't defamation per se because "unacceptable and improper conduct" could mean almost anything
  2. Hello again. Can I throw out the topic of defamation per se? It seems like in this area that damages don't have to proven if one of 4 criteria are met. Those being having a sexually transmitted disease, guilty of sexual misconduct, committed a crime or was unfit to run a business. To me it seems like the terms my employer used" discharged for unacceptable and improper conduct" would fit under the unfit to run a business criteria. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks to all for the responses. I understand the differences between slander and libel. My thoughts on the two were because my employer either made the statements to ucx verbally( slander) to a third party or made them In writing(libel). The fact that it ended up on an official ucx document isn't clear to me if this is libel or nothing. Is this document in the public domain or private? My concern is that I live on a small island in Hawaii and the coconut wireless is the most effective form of communication that exists, legally or not. What if someone who works in hr says something to someone or the claims examiner says something to some? Yes I know that hr can only give out dates of employment when asked but anyone who thinks that all that is talked about doesn't understand people. Yes we hope this is true but in my industry many people know many other people because it is a very transient workforce. Do there have to be actual damages incurred for slander to in effect? Poster pg 1067 says yes. I am not contesting the termination as Hawaii is an at will employment state so they need no reason. I guess it all comes down to ucx docs being private info and if damages need to be incurred before moving forward. Thanks
  4. I was recently terminated in an at will state (HI). They offered severance pay and I signed the acceptance letter. While filing for unemployment my ex employer apparently made statements to the claims examiner in an attempt to block my claim that seem to be slanderous. The words used were never any part of my termination conversations nor were they on the termination letter. These statements were very derogatory to my professional qualifications and would make any future employers think twice about hiring me. During my 4 years with this employer there were no documented or otherwise conversations that would support these statements. My latest review, this past March, makes no reference to anything related to these injurious statements. A conversation with my boss, one week before my termination, contained statements that he was a supporter of me. The ucx examiner called me for my side of the story and when she contacted the employer for their rebuttal the declined to provide a response, While I probably signed away my rights for wrongful termination or age discrimination( I am 64) when I got the determination letter from unemployment( they did approve my claim because the employer chose not to respond to the second request) I got very angry and hurt when I saw the slanderous statements made. I am considering suing for slander, defamation of character and possibly libelous statements if the responded to the unemployment people in writing . Ant thoughts on this? Thank you
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