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  1. Greetings Everyone, I'm a college student living in an noisy apartment complex. I take my school work and 'work' very seriously. I have a upstairs neighbor who blast his music every other day. It can be during the afternoon, evening to the morning. I've asked him to please turn his music down multiple times. It's failed so I called the police. The police aren't able to hear it outside so it's not loud enough to them. I've talked to my landlord who does not reside in the apartment complex to know what I'm going through. We've had a meeting and during that meeting he stated that he had 'SPEAKERS'....speakers. The landlord said nothing in regards to taking the speakers down or anything. She just asked him to turn it down, basically. I've been dealing with this for almost a year now. My lease is up on Aug. 31st but I want to move out now. I've been wanting to move out everyday without having to pay for termination fee. It's not my fault that I cannot have 'quiet enjoyment'. I have 2 more months....what do I do guys? Please please help me....i beg you. I'm praying every night that I only have 2 more months.....2 more months..
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