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  1. Wow. Apparently some of the posters do not have children. I agreed to loan money to them. There intent was to use it to fix her house. The max amount was to not exceed $25,000 however, they both had no idea how to go about fixing all the problems and get it sold. Verbal and written communication was/is established on the commitment to repay it. The value of the house at the time was about $50,000. SHE owed $85,000. it was in very sad shape, one bathroom was gutted to studs, electric had major issues and the rest of the house bad condition. They asked if I could come to SC from CA and help them so her bad investment before they got married didn't destroy their future. Supportive I was and still am. After the majority of the money was spent and changes to the house were made, the appraisal was $86,000. Sounds good except that isn't what someone would pay for this house as the kitchen was still living in the 50s and other cosmetic problems were present. To the point, they decided to get divorced. No drama no nothing. No payback for separating from my son, I consider that reaction as petty and childish and an insult to draw that conclusion. With the predicament SHE was now in, as it was her house and not his. My ADULT son offered to split the loan to fix her house, because he is a good man and since it wouldn't sell, I bought the house for her loan amount, and I paid all closing costs. For the record, the house required an additional $18,000 to bring it up to code and updated enough to try to rent it out, since it is in SC and not my primary residence. After those repairs, the appraisal only went up a few thousand dollars because they were code issues and updates that technically should have been done before it was sold to me. I had and have no issue with any and all costs related to the house NOW or since I took ownership. The agreement was to borrow no more the $25,000. That is what both of them agreed and although she stated she wanted to repay it herself, my son said no, I lived there with you, we were married and half is my debt. So he has been paying me monthly what he can, the amount was stated as ( what he can pay) because I taught my son to take responsibility for his choices. As for my ex- daughter-in-law, she was given a ( please pay $100.00 a month ) until she could pay more, as she made less money then my son. There was no interest associated with the loan . So, no I will not get over it! Yes, she owes me the money and my son suggested I sue both of them. Yes, it is now considered an investment but seriously the rent would barely pay the mortgage. Who would really want to live by the military base in a 1950s house? Other military families who don't make a lot of money.
  2. Ok let me explain a little bit more. I loaned them money to improve their house to sell it hopefully for what she owed on it and recoup what we loaned them, in short like a flip, so they could relocate for the military when she returned from Korea. After 90% if not more of the repairs were done to her house, which she was consulted on and approved, they decided to get divorced. They discussed the debt to us and wanted to sell the house to see if they could pay it off, repay us and go their separate ways. Her intent was to move to Utah and my son was left at the direction of the Air Force to relocate some place else or possibly stay in South Carolina. after the appraisal came back, the value of her house was only what she owed on the house and there was no way they could sell it and pay us back. After a review of multiple options, the suggestion was made for us to buy the house to help them separate completely and not be stuck with this house. ( it still need an additional 20,000) to fix kitchen, back porch and bathroom. We agreed to purchase the house for what she owed, make the additional repairs and they agreed they would repay what they borrowed PRIOR to us buying her house. They both agreed on debt. If they would have stayed married and sold the house, they would have only received what she owed and nothing more no matter who bought it and still had the debt with us. This was agreed apron prior to the sell of the house so it was a contract. We would have not bought the house from them if we though for a minute that they would not repay us what they borrowed to fix it to sell for what she owed. Breach of contract or intent to fraud?
  3. While my son was married in early 2013, he and his wife (both in Air Force) were scheduled to move from South Carolina to Utah. His wife owned a house in South Carolina prior to marriage and she asked him to prepare the house to sell so they could move. Like any good mother I offered to help and worked with both of them to increase the value of the house to be sold so they could break even, pay us back and buy a new house in Utah. While the home improvements were underway, supervised by myself and my son in South Carolina, his wife was deployed to Korea and kept in contact with us by email, Skpe and Facebook. After a few months and 27,000 and change invested into the house, the two decided to get a divorce. Now here comes the good part. Since they were getting divorced, my son was most likely going to remain in South Carolina. To complicate it further we had the house appraised and its value was what she owed on the house. Verbally, in emails and other conversations for months prior to the sell of the house his ex-wife agreed to split the loaned house improvement money with my son and pay us back. Now call us dumb, but we believed them and to help them out we bought the house for what she owed on it. She gave my son power of attorney while they were married and all agreed to sell us the house for what she owed. In the bill of sale we wrote a paragraph stating monies borrowed by (sellers) from ( buyers) was still owed and not part of the sell. Again, signed by my son representing both of them. We bought the house Sept 2103. My son has paid monthly towards his half of the debt as agreed but from Sept 2013 until March 2014 my ex-daughter inlaw wrote us, called us and confirmed her debt was 12,500 until one day she sent us an email that she didn't understand why (out of the blue) we were requesting her to give us money as the house sold back in Sept 2013 many months ago. Further more she claims a document included in the house sell called ( certificate of compliance of all contract terms and conditions...) relieves her of any money owed to us. Isn't this fraud or intet to fraud? What about breech of contract? She knew that house needed the 27,000 in repairs prior to us buying it, agreed to pay us back, sold the house to us and still agreed to pay us back for months after the sell and then magically back out? Now my son did agree on both of their behave since he had power of attorney when this all went down. Does any or all of this allow me to sue her? If so what are the charges I peruse and would I sue both to force her to pay her portion? Any advice please?
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