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  1. Okay, had my day in court. On the paperwork given to the bank was an area to refute having the amount withdrawn and an area to fill in as to why: Put that that payments were being made per the judgement and attached a print out from my bank showing every payment made which is being done by an automatic withdrawal weekly. The law firm representing Unifund did not show up in court and so the judge ordered that the money be returned to my bank account and that the fee for the Sheriff be reversed since we were in compliance with the court order. In the meantime did continue to have payments withdrawn. I did make contact with the the law firm that represents Unifund and according to that firm in the State of CT they have every right to seek any means possible to collect on this debt including attaching our bank accounts when the amount is greater than $5,000 even if we are already in compliance in making payments. My wife in the meantime is not on this judgement at all, this was a credit card that I had and was the only one on it and taken out before our marriage. To protect any money we are trying to put away to pay the mortgage or taxes she opened a separate account that she is having her paycheck deposited to and paying our bills, from that account. Other than this judgement which is coming out of an account that I have my paycheck deposited to. So, you can win, but unfortunately it takes time and patience and hopefully they will realize that they are getting paid and that we don't have a lump of gold hidden someplace and that we are just trying to catch up and pay our bills like everyone else that the economy took a hit on.
  2. All payments made on time, actually ahead of time by one week with record of all of the payments since it is paid by the bank by check. Have 15 days to file with the bank for the exemption, will be taken care of tomorrow, need to have signature notarized. Asking to have the money taken from the bank accounts exempted which should trigger a hearing, Will then ask that the Sherrif's fees of $1400 as well as the Fee of $125 for the bank execution be reversed and payments be allowed to continue as is.
  3. Judgement: After reviewing the affidavits filed int his matter, the court finds that the defendant(s) named above is/are not in the military or naval service and that the following are woed to the Plaintiff(s): Post Judgement interest is not awarded. Amount Due on Claims $9774.65 Total Amount of Judgement : 9774.65 Plaintiff's Costs: 401.80 Total amount of Judgement and Costs: $10,176.45 Judgement is rendered for the Plaintiff(s) and the Defendant (s named above must pay the Total Amount of Judgement and costs to the Plaintiff(s). it is also ordered that the Defendant(s) who must pay the judgement must make weekly paymentws as follow: Amount of Weekly Payment: $35.00 per week Date First Payment Due: December 11, 2013 Copy of order mailded to counsel Then the Judge's signature As I said, have been paying the $35.00 a week as ordered. Then last Wednesday a Marshall showed up at my bank with a: Emeption Cliam Form Finaincial Institution Execution Showing the amount of the debt minus payments o $735.00 (it's now $905) and an additional fee for the Marshall's service of $1,402.72 And since I don't have a lot of money they took what I have which included another $100 fee from the bank for the execution and $263.62 from my account. How can I tell Tobin Mielien and Marhon the law firm in New Haven that I have been following the judge's order to pay every week, that I don't have more than was ordered and what do I have to do now, deal in cash only and close my bank accounts. And next week when I'm going to be short on my mortgage due to this who pays the late fees for that. And my mortgage is under water or I'd refinance if I could.
  4. Had a credit card debt ($9,063) that I couldn't pay, tried to work with credit company, they sold off to a company that is represented by a law firm in my State. They obtained a judgement $35.00 a week, as of 12/06/2013, been paying since notice of judgement. Yesterday they filed and went to my bank and took everything I had. $369.00 out of my account even though I have been paying them weekly since notice of the judgement. To the tune of $905 so far. How can they do both if I have been paying weekly. I have the check cut automatically out of my account and haven't missed any payments and have records. And now they are adding on fees of $1,040 plus marshals fees above and beyond the debt. What do I need to do?
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